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Discussing the Reformation – on Janet Parshall



This is something I recorded three weeks ago before going to Wittenberg and then into hospital.  It was appropriate that Janet and I discussed the Reformation.

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  1. Computer/broadband has being playing-up so I’ve not been able to listen to the prog without it breaking up.
    Here are some comments I made on another blog, which had a podcast of an interview with Carl Trueman.
    Some thoughts:
    1 Rather than the question of causation, perhaps a better question would be: were the consequences largely reasonably foreseeable in the light of political and theological symbiosis of the times? Sure, some of them would only be understandable with historical hindsight, but bloodshed and schism were highly likely. Where was God in it all? wasn’t asked at all.
    2 Fascinatingly, Rev Ian Hamilton’s (I’m sure you will know him) lecture, last evening, at the Christian Institute on Calvin, was entitled “Faithful pastor and Catholic theologian.” One thrust of the lecture was that Calvin wasn’t so much seeking a reformation but a return to the faith of the early church fathers, including Augustine, that is, the Catholic faith, which the Catholic church had deviated from and embellished. Equally fascinating, as a throroughgoing Calvinist, he made no mention of TULIP. The main, focus was that of Calvin the Pastor-Theologian, Theologian – Pastor. The roles were not separate.
    In the Q&A at the end, when asked about Calvin’s writing on Union with Christ the lecture became doxology – marvellous.

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