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LED 14 – University Special…. Felix Ngole – White Science – University of Texas Behaviour Intervention Team – Brexit – TeachFirst – Black Atheist Ontology – Pregnant Men

Light Engaging Darkness 14  University Special…

What is happening to our Universities in the UK and the US is to say the least disturbing. In many cases they are ceasing to be Universities (looking at a wide range of subjects, with a wide range of views) and are in the process of becoming commercial centres of social engineering, teaching a philosophy of cultural Marxism and not tolerating any dissent. And it really is getting quite scary and mad.   In this weeks LED we show a few examples.

Social Work Student Expelled for Being Opposed to SSM

Felix Ngole, a social work student at the University of Sheffield, was expelled from his Felixcourse for writing the following on his Facebook page – “the Bible and God identify homosexuality as a sin”, adding that “same-sex marriage is a sin whether we like it or not. It is God’s words and man’s sentiments would not change His words.” This is a position that I hold and many others. But for holding that position we can be expelled. You can hold the most perverse views, you can think that Israel should be wiped out, you can mock and abuse Christians….but if you dare to question SSM then you are out!


Science is White Supremacy

Meanwhile in the increasingly irrational world of American campus’s comes this beauty

Professor Sara Giordano from the University of California argues that science is a form of white power which relies on “a colonial and racialized form of power,” and must be replaced with an “anti-science, antiracist, feminist approach to knowledge production.” We must all apparently practice ‘feminist science’.

Beware the Behaviour Intervention Team

Meanwhile not to be outdone a lecturer at the University of Texas has accused a bisexual student of offending someone because they questioned whether it was a good thing that several Muslim countries have the death penalty for homosexuality.   What stuns me about this is that the student was threatened with the ‘Behaviour Intervention Team’ and being expelled from his philosophy course because of his ‘Islamaphobia’.

Brexit Bias

Back in the UK the elites were getting themselves worked up about a rather silly request from a Tory MP to Universities asking them what they were teaching about Brexit. Shrill cries of censorship and McCarthyism rent the air. What a nerve!   Some lecturers see it as their job to indoctrinate.   I was once in a debate with a professor who stated that all the papers written on his subject (an obscure theological question) agreed with him. When I pointed out that all the papers written on that subject had been written by his students, who would have been failed by him if they had dared to disagree with his pet theory he was none too pleased! I was reminded of this when I read about students being marked down at some British Universities if they dared to express any pro-Brexit points of view – When we are told that 75% of students are against Brexit, as though this were a proof of intelligence, we need to remember the indoctrination that is going on.

Such is the irrational obsession with this and the way that people filter everything through their confirmation bias that it really affects the way that news is reported.  For example if you heard that 140 jobs were going from Dundee to Malmo in Sweden because of Brexit can you imagine how the Scottish press, and government would have hailed it as proof for their doom and groom predictions.  But the fact that it is the other way round – 140 manufacturing jobs are coming from Malmo to Dundee despite Brexit, or actually because of Brexit.  But instead of singing this from the rooftops, our politicians are silent because it doesn’t suit their narrative.  They actually want the doom and gloom stuff – because they cannot possibly conceive they could be wrong.

Only One Opinion Allowed

But there is yet more (and this is only this week). An education charity apologised for allowing two different opinions. Teach First tweeted: ““We made a mistake, we published two blogs with opposing views as part of a recent debate on education. One was wrong. We’ve removed it. Sorry.”   Imagine that – allowing different opinions. What is the world coming to? Perhaps TeachFirst should change their name to ‘IndoctrinateFirst’.

Dominant narratives of a Black atheist ontology.

Lets return to the wacky USA – because the Americans really do excel in this kind of nuttiness.   Jordan Peterson who is one of my heroes does a great job of exposing this kind of stuff…amongst several incoherent gems he flagged up this week how about this PhD abstract from the University of Indiana.

“Increasingly Black college students are identifying as atheist, however few empirical studies in higher education and student affairs are exploring the phenomenon. This dissertation examines the question, “How do Black atheist understand their identity in college?” Using Higginbotham’s Politics of Respectability and tenants of Critical Race Theory, interview data from eight Black college students at various institutions from across the United States was analyzed. This study explored the intersections between race and religion, and the role college plays in shaping those respective social identities. Using Critical Race Methodology, the researcher co-constructed with participants three counter narratives that disrupt dominant narratives of a Black atheist ontology. Each collective counternarrative reflects how participants understand their intersectional identities within a collegiate setting.”

 It’s frightening that people who can write such verbiage are the educators of the future and are regarded as the ‘experts’ and the ‘elites’.

Pregnant Women Allowable

Speaking of the elites…the wonderful people who run the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office have decided to pass on their collective wisdom to the wider world.   They have asked the UN not to refer to pregnant women in their human rights treaty because it might offend transgender ‘men’ who are pregnant.   But now they have reconsidered – The FCO said: “The UK does not object to the use of the term ‘pregnant woman’. Just stop. Think. And realise that someone somewhere in power actually thought that sentence was a) necessary b) worth saying and c) meaningful!

Moral Panic

It seems as though the whole media and chattering classes are gripped by a collective moralistic hysterical panic. And yet still they just don’t get the problem. If you reject the roots, you are not going to end up with the fruits.   Weinstein, Spacey and the hypocrisy of the current moral panic

downloadI leave you with a couple of bits of entertainment news – Little Richard has renounced his homosexuality as unnatural 

And Fats Domino has died….


I apologise for this being late but there is a good reason…I am writing this from my hospital bed. I am so thankful to the Lord for taking me through another operation (hopefully the last) and even though it is quite painful…it is good to be in the great care of the NHS.   And being confined to bed gives me an opportunity to catch up with some reading and writing….hopefully see you next week…

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  1. I spent 39 years teaching Modern Studies. Obviously the content changed considerably over those years but also did the way in which the subject the subject was examined. In the latter days of my career Higher Modern Studies involved two papers. The first paper involved writing a number of essays. Each essay was divided into two parts. The first part was designed to test a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of a topic. The second part was based on ‘critical thinking’: a candidate had to show an ability to analyse both sides of an issue and to reach a conclusion. The second paper involved writing a report based on information provided by the SQA and a candidate’s own knowledge. Candidates had to show an ability to be able to appraise arguments on both sides of an issue and reach a conclusion based on that analysis. I have no idea what Higher Modern Studies is like under the Curriculum for Excellence but I wonder if pupils are learning skills which may not be particularly relevant when they get to University.

    I recently came across a website which had an article about a report showing the bias of the BBC et alia on the issue of Brexit. It proceeded to attempt to undermine the findings of the report by resorting to ad hominem arguments. I posted a comment and one person replied saying that he could ‘smell’ propaganda. What need to teach critical thinking when people nowadays have the ability to ‘smell’ propaganda.

  2. Praying for your complete recovery , David . Thank you for the blog . There is much to ponder upon ,and thankful that Christ still offers sight to the blind !

  3. You may have missed a piece by a Uni Prof in the Sunday Times. 22/Nov
    It corroborated what you have said for ages that the Uni’s were /are signed up to project EU. Pre vote silenced talk merely for supporting Brexit. Afterwards, he was shunned and derided. Think he was from Cambridge.
    Your stamina is beyond me. May you know Him more. May He be your portion and and treasure, and may you know something of the reality of Christ sharing His inheritance with you.

  4. You may have missed a piece by a Uni Prof in the Sunday Times. 22/Nov
    It corroborated what you have said for ages that the Uni’s were /are signed up to project EU. Pre vote he silenced talk merely for supporting Brexit. Afterwards, he was shunned and derided. Think he was from Cambridge.
    Your stamina is beyond me. May you know Him more. May He be your portion and and treasure, and may you know something of the reality of Christ sharing His inheritance with you.

  5. You decry universities for indoctrinating people into being pro-EU and this is the reason that 75% of students are anti-Brexit. But it could just be that Brexit isn’t a good idea. While I was in university I had friends from and was exposed to people from all over Europe and the world, and my prospects included moving to, living in, working in and calling in love in the entirety of Europe. To me, and to nearly all of my university friends, ever closer union is what we want and I don’t ever remember a professor speaking about the EU.

    1. You are making the classic category error. I too have friends from all over Europe and the world – but that does not mean we buy into the political (and corrupt undemocratic) entity. If you don’t remember any professor then all that says is that no professor did for you – but that is hardly representative. The evidence for Brexit bias in Universities sis overwhelming. My daughter for example was told by Her Uni to vote Remain. Most Universities are funded by the eU. On condition they promote it.

    2. It is because we love Europe, that we chose Brexit. The European Union is simply in the process of absorbing all of the former Nation States of Europe and creating a Federlist European Super-State that nobody ever voted for.

      The wonderful and unique identity and culture of each former European Nation State, is now under attack from this Euro-Identikit false identity.

      The process of dilution of our culture is being processed by mass, uncontrolled and to a large extent illegal immigration. This level of immigratio can never ever hope to achieve ‘intergration.’ In reality it is a process of disintegration of traditional communities and faiths.

      This large-scale immigration was conducted at first under the mask of humanitarianism, but is now openly being presented as a Globalist ambition to rid the world of the ‘evils’ of Nationalism and National ‘prejudices.’

      To seek to maintain ones culture and comunity and faith, is not ‘deplorable’. Nor are people who seek such community and Christian faith ‘irredeemable,’ as they have been accused by the chief ‘liberal-progressive’ Hillary Clinton.

      Nor, are we who seek to defend our culture and our faith against disintegration and ruin, ‘racists, bigots, or xenophobes’ as those who seek to deny us our right to territorial integrity would seek to slander and smear us.

      The term ‘ever closer union’ is a euphemism. It means eventual surrender and absorption into an entity that is democratically unaccountable and whose elitist ambitions have at their very core, the dissolution of all that we hold to be beautiful and sacred about the real Europe.

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