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Owen on The Presence of Christ, Sermons on John 10 and Ephesians 2, Song – Psalm 43

One of the great things about John Owen is that he is preeminently a theologian of the Holy Spirit.  This morning I read his comments on the ministry of the Spirit in the church.  Without that we are just dead – whatever our outward form.    I wonder as we go to worship this morning whether we will ask more about the people who are present (or absent) rather than inquire after the evidences of the presence of Christ among us?

“Those churches do exceedingly mistake their interest who are solicitous about other things, but make little inquiry after the evidences of the presence of Christ among them.  Some walk  as if they had him sure enough, as it were, immured in their walls, whilst they keep up name of a church, and an outward order that pleases and advantages themselves.

But outward order, be it what it will, is so far from being the only presence of Christ in a church, that when it is alone, or when it is principally required, it is none at all; and therefore, whereas preaching of the word and the right administration of the sacraments are assigned as the notes of a true church, if the outward acts and order of them only be regarded, there is nothing of evidence unto this purpose in them”  (John Owen – Works Vol 4 – Of Spiritual Gifts – p.500)

Last Sunday morning Sinclair preaching on John 10:22-42 – you can listen to it here –

Andrew preached on Ephesians 2:1-10

And this weeks song is Psalm 43 –


John 10, Ephesians 1, Psalm 62 – God is Love…Sermons, Song and News article from St Peters


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