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The Visible Word and the Aaronic Blessing – Sinclair Ferguson

Last Sunday I was in Ninewells – missing being with my own congregation, but secure in the knowledge that they would be hearing the Word of God from in my view the best bible teacher in the English language.  We love having Sinclair with us – not just because of his teaching gift but because he and Dorothy are now very much part of our church family.  Sometimes people ask me – how do you cope with Sinclair being your associate preacher?   I know what they mean – if at the end of Sinclair preaching I felt ‘I can’t preach as well as that’ – there may be a temptation to envy and even fear that people might prefer him to me!

But to think like that is to miss the point.  When I listen to Sinclair preaching God’s Word – I don’t think how great Sinclair is.  I don’t see Sinclair.  When he is on fire (more often than not) I see Jesus and I don’t care about Sinclair or myself.  Instead I think what a privilege to serve such a great God – besides whom any of us is just as a gnat!  We bathe in the reflected glory – not of another sinful human being – but in that of Christ and the triune God.   Listen to the two sermons below from last week….as I did this week it filled me with hope and love for Christ….can we ask for anything more?  Even though I am not able to preach today, I am looking forward to being with the Lord’s people in St Peters and hearing His word.

John 1:14-15 – The Visible Word

Numbers 6 – The Aaronic Blessing



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