Quantum 110 – The Funeral, The Media and The Politicians


This will be the last podcast for a wee while – I’ll be coming back with a new series after the summer, Lord willing.



  1. Thank you David. Very good points and well made. I agree about the word ‘ignorance’. After all, in French ‘j’ingore…’ just means ‘I don’t know…’ and that meaning is equally valid in English, as long as it is explained, as you did. I am fortunate enough to be able to spend roughly half my time in Wales and half in Scotland; it happened that I was in Wales at the time of Gordon Wilson’s funeral, otherwise I would have undoubtedly attended. I have been to St Peters a few times and always been impressed. (Now attending Blairgowrie Evangelical Church, but formerly a member of Dingwall FC for 7 years.) Gordon Wilson was a great servant of the Scottish nation and yet one who believed that there is only one lasting Kingdom, one that is not of this earth – a
    view that is, as you say, totally unintelligible to the vast majority today.

  2. The response you had to your posting from the Book of Common Prayer was preposterous, devoid of sense, arising from the quagmire of philosophy with it’s preserved empty skulls of the historical protagonists.

    In the truncated digital formats on the internet, how do you begin, or hope to find any semblance of common ground to initiate an iota of persuasive evangelism? Wouldn’t the respondent hope it to be true, even in the blocked and cauterised recesses of his mind and impulses?

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