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Forgiveness, the Witness and Psalm 51 – Preaching and Praise from St Peters -Craig Anderson and Sinclair Ferguson

One of the key things for any growing church is that the Lord raises up new preachers/pastors of the Word.  It takes more years to train a preacher/pastor than it does a doctor so its good to start them young.  We are very thankful that the Lord seems download-1to be raising up many young men in the Free Church to take on the mantle in the years that run ahead.  One of these is our own Craig Anderson.  Craig is just finishing his role as UCCF staff worker for Dundee and is about to enter ETS whilst working with us as an intern/trainee.   Craig, Amy and now Tabitha have been well loved members of St Peters for many years.   You can hear his sermon preached last Sunday here –

Meanwhile Sinclair continues his series on the prologue of John –

We usually have a spoken confession of faith – but sometimes we sing it – and when we do – it is usually Ps 51.   I love these words and tune…

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