Romans 2:1-11, John 1:3-5 and Psalm 51….Sermons and Songs from St Peters

When we judge others we are judging ourselves because we do the same things.  But we don’t commit sexual immorality…but greed, arrogance, hatred? Idolatry – anything we put before God – even our religion is idolatry – As Stott says when we judge others it allows to both to retain our self respect and to commit sin. It is a convenient arrangement , but also both slick and sick’

Last Sunday morning I preached on Romans 2:1-11 – trying to answer the question of Christians being, and being perceived as, judgemental.

In the evening Sinclair preached on John 1:3-5 – The LIght


Although we have stopped for the summer recording the whole services – we have put 66 recordings of our praise on YouTube – I will put one up here on the blog every week – here is the first.  Ps 51 – an instrumental version by our own Crawford Mackenzie  – complete with words.



5 thoughts on “Romans 2:1-11, John 1:3-5 and Psalm 51….Sermons and Songs from St Peters

  1. Thanks for this! From the Lord’s people in the dis United States upon which the sun is rising this Lord’s day! Very grateful.


  2. A robust run through Romans, taking no prisoners, but, at the same time, setting prisoners free. Fearful. Piercing. Wounding. Without Christ, I’m sunk, dead in my trespasses and sins. Lord, have mercy: Christ, have mercy. Simul justus et peccator. If it were me preaching this (not that I ever could), first and foremost, I’d be preaching to myself, on my knees. O how we, I, need Christ: every hour I need thee.

    Another excellent rendition of psalm 51 is by Sons of Korah. I thank you for introducing it to me through your writing – was it in “Magnificent Obsession” or in times past on this site: I don’t remember.

    As and aside, the sermon shows the affecting power of preaching, in contrast to lectures, or written articles, and how necessary it is.


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