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The Good News in Australia

So last year was so last year – it was good to spend some time in Australia in 2016 Australians Days 1 but we did not expect to be back so soon….however thanks to a new venture from the Katoomba Convention Centre,  Onward we are back.  This time its work!  Several people have asked about what events I will be speaking at so for all our Australian friends here is a list – hopefully see you at some of these.

Sunday 18th –

9:45 am – Gracepoint Presbyterian Church (36-40 James St Lidcombe – Sydney)

5pm – St Thomas’s Anglican Church (Cnr of Church and McClaren St, North Sydney)

Tuesday 20th – 

City Bible Forum – Melbourne – 6-7 pm- The European Bier Cafe – You can get the details HERE        

This would be a really good event to bring your atheist friends to…..

Thursday 22nd 

ACL Dinner – Sydney – The Australian Christian Lobby

Saturday 24th 

Onward Conference – Sydney Olympic Park – For more details Here


Please pray for all the events here.  This is a lovely country and its great to be with family.  Really hoping that the Lord will bless and encourage all through the various events…




  1. As a historian and a Christian and are speaking on truth, you may be interested in this.
    To promote the Reith lectures, BBC radio 4 played a snippet from the speaker Dame Hillary Mantel: She used to think and was taught that history was “out there”, (that is, objective) but now she realised that history is something “we carry within us.”

  2. I hope when you return you’ll do an article on Tim Farron choosing Christ over the compromises that come along with being a party leader.

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