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A Triple Baptism, Children of the Promise and John 1:1

Last Sunday morning was very special for us in St Peters – we had a triple baptism.  Sinclair Ferguson baptised his three grandsons.  It was, as all baptisms are, a moving occasion.  I loved Sinclair’s explanation of baptism.  It was wonderful to be able to teach on ‘Children of the Promise”  from Acts 2:38-39.   It was a busy day with church news – another pregnancy, a couple getting engaged and the return of Susan Buchan, who is an IFES worker in Paris.   In terms of the sung praise I love Max’s use of the violin… You can hear the whole service by clicking the audio below.

“baptism is not a sign of faith but to beckons those who are baptised to place their trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. It points to Christ and seals his promised as trustworthy”. Derek Thomas


Then in the evening Sinclair attempted to preach through John 1:1-18 – he got as far as verse 1!   This was such a wonderful service…enjoy and be blessed.

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  1. John 1:1-18

    You may enjoy this short video, though it maybe further into the passage than so far ventured in the sermon. However, it does fit with the illustration of the mathematician’s power=point presentation near the close of the sermon!

    And it is relevant to your Romans 1:18-23 Sermon

    And this also reminds me of Stuart Townend’s “Who paints the skies….?

    BUT neither of the those does full justice to the depth’s Sinclair F’s sermon. And I’m still ambivalent to “seeing” as opposed to “hearing”, even though I greatly enjoy nature, creation and still photography. To me the spoken and written word is more affecting, whereas what the eye sees distracts from what the ear hears in a sermon.

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