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Are Christians Intolerant? Janet Parshall Show

Hour 1: Are Christians Intolerant?

Are Christians intolerant? Are they homophobic? Is gay sex a sin? How do we, as followers of Christ, answers these questions in a post-truth world? What does the Bible say and how should we say what the Bible says on this thorny topic?  Join us for a timely, compassionate and truthful conversation about one of the biggest issues in the culture today.

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In the Market with Janet Parshall

The show is largely a discussion of the following:   There were some great responses and apparently the phone lines were jammed.

Why are Christians such Homophobic Bigots?

Is Gay Sex a Sin?



  1. In your video you suggest that if we accept homosexuality is OK, we will soon accept that bestiality or sex with children is OK. May I suggest there is a major difference? Homosexual behaviour between consenting adults is not an abuse of power, whereas bestiality and sex with children is an abuse of power.

    1. The old consent argument! Would it be ok if a child or an animal consented? Is it ok if two adult brothers consent? Is consent the absolute?

  2. What about Christians who think differently than you about homosexuality? The ones who take a more liberal view of homosexuality than you. I presume you are prepared to admit those sorts of Christians exist. How would you describe them I wonder? Not true Christians? Followers of Christ, but only up to a point? Even more interesting is to ponder what those more liberal minded Christians would think of your take on homosexuality.

    Am I right in thinking that Jesus himself was silent on the subject of homosexuality?

    It is instructive to reflect on social attitudes of earlier times as you asked viewers to do in your video. In some instances, such as this one, it illustrates how much progress has been made in society as a whole to escape the yoke of religious authority. I don’t think you are a homophobic bigot; you happen to believe in a particular god, a religion which exhorts it followers to refer to a sacred text that has been used for millennia to propagate negative, exclusive and extraordinarily harmful attitudes to a minority of the society that we live in. Religious attitudes to homosexuals have been and continue to be destructive; it no exaggeration at all to say it has been deadly to the lives of homosexuals themselves.

    One can also reflect on social attitudes common in periods longer than twenty years ago. We can look back with shame on the institution of slavery, on racial prejudice, on sexual inequality, on attitudes to mental conditions such as depression, to drink driving, divorce, single parents.

    I understand you are compelled by your religion to consider homosexual sexual activity a sin. It is this sort of compulsion that illustrates perfectly why religion should be a completely personal matter and should have no place whatsoever in the public square.

    1. John – Jesus was not silent – he taught about marriage and sex….

      I don’t accept your view of history as being progressive or religion as being regressive. And your promotion of your view as being the only one allowed in the public square is intolerant and arrogant. Speak about complusion! The sad thing is that you cannot see beyond your narrow fundamentalist view…

      1. Hello David –

        I do appreciate you both posting and replying to my comments. Thank you.

        If belief in the importance of rational thinking and the formation and implementation of public policy based an objective secular view point makes me a fundamentalist then I guess I’m happy to wear that placard.

        There is no suggestion at all on my part that individuals shouldn’t be free to follow whichever religion it is they happen to identify with, but to suggest that these personal religious belief should play any part in forming public policy is just untenable. The moment anyone brings arguments grounded in theology or personal religious belief to the table in discussions that govern society as a whole those arguments should be paid no heed whatsoever.

        You are completely free to live your life in observance of what you claim, for example, are your god’s commands on homosexuality but do you really believe that every homosexual individual should be placed in a position where your own religious beliefs are imposed upon them?

        How many of the tenets of Islam would you be prepared to allow to find expression in the laws that govern you?

        I was genuinely interested to hear your thoughts on those Christians who, unlike you, have a more liberal view on homosexuality.

        Thanks again.

      2. John – so many presuppositions in there! You seem to be assuming that only your position is the rational one. You also pre-suppose ‘an objective secular viewpoint’ something that does not exist and is in fact an oxymoron. You are placing your faith in your own limited reason and a myth!

        The lack of rationality (and tolerance) is shown in your ridiculous claim that we can believe whatever we want as long as it does not affect what we do – nor disturb your view of what public policy should be!

        Your irrationality is further shown when you seem to regard Islam and Christianity as equivalent. Have you read both the Koran and the Bible?

        I’m not sure what you mean by a more ‘liberal’ view of homosexuality. I guess that you mean one which is your view and fits with the current zeitgeist and feeling? In other words one that is unbiblical. I’m sure that there are people who say they are Christians but don’t accept the teaching of Christ on this – that is either because they don’t know it, or deny it or in fact are more concerned about being accepted by the world, than they are by following Christ.

  3. Hello David –

    Christianity and Islam are equivalent in that they are both religions David. That was my point. Of course I only limited myself to those two, but the list could go on and on.

    Discussions, formation and implementation of public policy has to be take place in a forum devoid of religious belief. It is the only logical resolution. There are many religions and gods. The devotees of each of them claim that theirs alone is the truth. The reasoning behind their claims is similar in many respects. Almost all of them can brandish a special book too.

    Which parts of public policy formed on the basis of Islam would you be prepared to accept David? Well of course you and I already know…none. What about Hinduism….that would be none too I expect. Buddhism, none. Scientology, none….etc etc

    You really aren’t outraged about religion being excluded from public policy. You’re just annoyed that Christians are – because you are a Christian.

    You are free to be a Christian aren’t you? Are you free to accept and believe the biblical view on homosexuals? Well yes of course you are. No one is holding you back at all.

    1. But in placing all religions as essentially equivalent you are making a big mistake. You do realise that atheism is also a religious/philosophical viewpoint?

      The fact that you can state ” Discussions, formation and implementation of public policy has to be take place in a forum devoid of religious belief. It is the only logical resolution.” shows that you don’t quite grasp what logic is – because it is a an illogical statement itself.

      Actually there are some parts of Islam I would be happy to accept as part of public policy – your omniscience doesn’t really go very far!

      No one is holding me back at all? You do realise the discrimination and prejudice against bible believing Christians in the media, education, government etc?

      Maybe you need to come out of your wee bubble, begin to think logically and then perhaps you might begin to see what is really going on…

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