Quantum 107 – Elections, Religious Liberty, the Church of Scotland and Fishing.

The latest Quantum of Solas podcast was released earlier this week. You can listen to it on the Solas website here: https://www.solas-cpc.org/wp/quantum-of-solas/quantum-107-elections-religious-liberty-the-church-of-scotland-and-fishing/

Solas Magazine – The new edition is out now.

The UK General Election and the dumbing down of politics.

President Trump relaxes tax laws for churches endorsing political candidates.

Why Religious Liberty matters.

Tim Farron – Is gay sex a sin?

Chinese Fishing

Church of Scotland General Assembly.


  1. The CoS and leading of the Holy Spirit into SSM? How do they know, discern, test. Wet your finger and stick it in the air, to see which way the moral vacuum created cultural wind is blowing, perhaps? Any such testing, discernment can only be against the canon, the standard of scripture.

    The Spirit of God is HOLY. He will never lead into, tempt, approve, condone, sin of any description. He will never go against that which He wrote, the Holy Bible.

  2. Today the Pope made Saints of two illiterate children who saw the mother of Jesus. I wonder if the His Holiness engaged in a counter factual reverie and saw , in Portugal all those years ago ,the two individuals to whom the Blessed Virgin Mary so wondrously appeared, in a slightly different way.

    That is to say , instead of selecting 12 year old ( or thereabouts ) peasants , the BVM, performing within her limitless powers, chose instead two elderly professors of Comparative Religion , one from Oxford and one from Cambridge, upon whom to spring a walking holiday surprise.

    Here’s a piece of RC impudence :


  3. Suppose there are 5.5 million people in Scotland. If 10% of them were gay and you could persuade 10% of that 10% to go to church that is a potential 55,000 people who could be filling the pews. The theory is that they don’t because they feel excluded. Inclusion is the C of S theme for the 2017/18 moderatorial year.

    It depends how you view church, of course. If you view it as a civic service organisation like Rotary or the Lions Club or as a service provider like the WRVS then providing hatches, matches and dispatches is a principal part of the business. Therefore…

    1. 10% are not gay – its around 1%. And not all gay people support SSM. And many gay people I know support the biblical position on marriage and sex. And the church is the church of Jesus Christ and must remain faithful to him – whatever the cost in terms of numbers and or abuse…

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