Quantum 102 – #ScotRef, Belief-v-Evidence & the BBC Comedians

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#ScotRef  #IndyRef2

Mensch on belief and evidence

Frankie Boyle and Celebrity Atheists

BBC on Facebook – “It’s like getting no mayonnaise in your chicken Zinger and blaming it on Colonel Sanders.”

Frankie Boyle on why he’s putting celebrity atheists into #Room101.

Tracey Ullman and Baptism

BBC iPlayer –  Tracey Ullman’s Show – series 2 – Episode 5

The baptism clip is about 16 minutes in.

European Court and Religious Clothing

 Thomas Aquinas

Other articles worthwhile reading

Following on from last week’s piece on Russel Brand and pornography.
The impact of the Transgender issue on women’s sport.


  1. 1 Indy2

    This is from Akex Salmond today on BBC Radio 4, prog 11:00 am “Can the Centre hold” min !4:30 -15:40

    He reveals the heart of the SNP is based on a strong sense of National identity AND an anti-establishment message.

    “The hard-headed aspect – atrait of our (national) character balanced with social redicalism was the basis on which I shaped the SNP – challenging the establishment, the Labour party in Scotland and Tory party in Westminster, “AND THAT DEFINED THE SNP ROLE AND OUR SUCCESS WAS BASED ON IT BEING A NATIONAL PARTY”. (the left found it -national identity- a difficult notion) AND SCOTTISH IDENTITY HAS BY AND LARGE BEEN COMFORTABLE WITH ITS ITS (EUROPEAN) HOME IN THE ANCIENT NATIONS OF EUROPE.”

    Is there any wonder that there is what you describe as “so much bitterness and passion” when the SNP identity is based on anti-establishment, a party whose main ethos is protest and rebellion, rather than a governing party. Now it is “the estblishment ” will it self destruct? And where will anti-establishment take them if they were to become part of the EU as a separate Nation?

    2 Mensch, Belief v Evidence.
    I suppose that what she believes she believes it is true. Nobody has, holds on to beliefs they think are false, unless they are mere assertions, rather than beliefs, intended to deceive, to serve a purpodse of their own, that is, lies.

  2. ‘What the heart loves, the will chooses, and the mind justifies.’ Thomas Cranmer burned alive, this day 1556

    A follower, a lover, of Christ, sharing His passion without bitterness. Compare and contrast the Indy 2 SNP stance.

    But it is wisdom wider than politics and reveals our hearts and rampant idolatry in belligerent opposition and rebellion to loving God., and having no other gods before Him.

  3. Listening to your comments on the Tracey Ullman sketch reminded me of a story a Pastor’s wife told me. When she was in a card shop she over-heard someone asking if they had any “non-religious” Easter cards!

  4. The article on St Thomas Aquinas states;
    “his writing is regarded as official doctrine in the Catholic Church.”
    I defy anybody to give even the tiniest scarp of evidence for that statement.

  5. Geoff,

    Let us all acknowledge that it was a terrible thing to to burn anybody alive and let us all acknowledge that it is a terrible thing to do to put someone to death because of their beliefs. As a Catholic I acknowledge the wrong done to Latimer, Cranmer and Ridley.
    So let all acknowledge that it was a terrible thing to do to execute Thomas More and John Fisher, the Bishop of Rochester.
    Let us all acknowledge that it was a terrible thing to do to hang, draw and quarter the many priests and religious who remained loyal to the faith of the Catholic Church. (One such priest was John Ogilvie, executed at Glasgow Cross in 1615.)
    Let us all acknowledge the terrible thing that happened to Margaret Clitherow. She was placed between two doors. Then stones were placed on the upper door until she suffocated to death. Reason? She hid a Catholic priest.
    Terrible things happened on both sides. The sooner we all acknowledge that the better.

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