Quantum of Solas podcast (Ep99) – the growing confusion in the culture.

“Never mind his political views, Milo’s views on sex and sexuality are deeply anti-Christian, in my view anti-human and do a great deal of harm but they largely are the views of our culture. You just watch our television and see what happens there; what our culture puts forward.

If you’re going to condemn Milo for these views (which I do by the way but I’m doing it from a consistent Christian world view) if you’re going to condemn Milo for these views are you not also condemning yourself and condemning the world view which you hold?

If you regard sex as recreational, if you regard sex as [merely] consensual, when you say a 13 year old or a 14 year old cannot be consensual…Really? I’m hearing from you that if a 6 year old wants to change their gender, they can; they can consent to that. I’m hearing that a 13 or 14 year old, that a parent has no right to stop them. That’s what I’m hearing.

Why do you have such double standards?”

This is one of the points I was making in this week’s Quantum of Solas podcast (episode 99) out now in iTunes, Podbean and the Solas web site here:


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