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Gospel Prescriptions – Sermon by Sinclair Ferguson – Philippians 4:2-9

Sunday is the Lord’s Day – its a day to get away from social media and the internet and I for one try to stay away!  I like to focus on the word and Christ – and the internet can be a real distraction so I try to stay away.  However there is one exception – I always listen to a sermon/talk/podcast some time during the day.    I find it helpful and edifying (usually!).

Each Sunday I will post a sermon from St Peters from the previous Sunday.  Last week I was unable to be there because of illness but I loved listening to this from Sinclair Ferguson on Philippians 4:2-9 –   As ever it is wonderful practical teaching from Sinclair.  Enjoy.

You can get all the St Peters sermons Here




  1. Enjoyed the ministry of your colleague , David. In particular It brought back rich memories of the Rev H.A .Tait ( Sandy ) of Crieff South and Monzievaird , who thrilled my soul with his exposition of Philippians Ch 2 concerning Christ’s humbling . May God continue to bless you in St Peter’s .

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