Quantum 95 – Ten ‘Prophecies’ for the Church in 2017


As promised, in this week’s podcast, it’s the prospects for the Church in the West;

  • Mainstream decline.
  • Post-modern evangelicals.
  • American charismatic next big thing.
  • Creflo Dollar won’t be back.
  • Greater unity.
  • Salt and light in the public square.
  • The Reformation.
  • US Evangelicals split over Donald Trump
  • Reaching the poor.
  • Africa and Asia.


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TheWeeFlea.com – Ten Prophecies re the Church in 2017



  1. Not that this would make any difference to your readers but I’d also heartily recommend Carl Trueman (lectures freely downloadable) and Mike Reeves (books and recordings) on the Reformation. Personal preferrence is for Reeves with his lucid and fluid style. A lot of his recordings can be found here, searching his name:

    and there is more than just the Reformation on the link. He has provided balast to my thinking on Luther, Calvin, Justification, the Trinity both through his books and recordings. To me, he is a reliable guide.

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