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A Cry in the Dark? Dear Meryl…

(note:  I am more than happy for people who disagree with this article to comment below  – however I need to stress that I will not publish comments which are full of vitriolic abuse and foul language – whether you agree or not.  I am sorry to record that I have received a number of comments from the US which in terms of their abusive nature and hateful foul language I cannot publish.  Sorry)

Dear Meryl,

That was some performance last night.  No – that’s not fair.  You really meant it and so it should not be judged as just another acting role where you were ‘identifying’ with the role of the oppressed rich liberals.  You actually are one and so you were speaking from your heart.   And your fellow Hollywood stars loved it – as did much of the media.


I love your films.  So much so that if I see your name on the billboard, its enough to incline me to pay and go and see the film.  You and  Helen Mirren are about the only actresses I would say that about.

And of course you were right to attack the crudity and rudeness of Donald Trump.  And he was wrong to tweet that you were the most overrated actress in Hollywood.  You are a wonderful actress with an incredible ability to do what you talked about in your speech – get the audience to empathise with, and understand the character.  But I am assuming that you were not acting in this speech and so let me do you the courtesy of explaining, why outside the Hollywood bubble it really does not resonate.   People were saying your speech was ‘a cry in the dark – a true story of conscience, conviction and courage’.


Forgive me…but as we say in Scotland ‘I hae my doubts’!  Your speech was saying what your audience expected and wanted to hear.   ‘Hollywood Actress Attacks Trump’ is hardly ‘Breaking News’!   So lets look at the substance of what you said:

You and all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now. Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners and the press.

This is an extraordinary claiming of ‘victimhood’.  You are a multi-millionairess (net worth $65 million)  speaking to a room of millionaires dressed with $20,000 dresses, Rolex watches and all the trappings of the Super-rich.    You have a media voice at the highest level, political doors are open to you (how many times did you introduce Hilary Clinton?),   you belong to the most influential and powerful section of American society  and yet you manage to claim victimhood?!   You do realise that it is the Hollywood elites which created the celebrity culture which allowed a reality TV star without any political experience to become President?  You created the monster which you now complain about!   So spare me the tears.   I think what really miffs you and your fellow celebs is that whilst you were almost unanimously on the ‘right’ side, the American people did not listen to you and they voted for the wrong side.  Dumb hicks!  Ignorant old white trash males (ignoring the millions of young, Hispanic, coloured, female votes) .  People who don’t recognise the wisdom of the  whole West Wing cast campaigning for Hilary, should not get the vote!

So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick them all out you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.

I would like to hope that if you ever get out of the Hollywood bubble and the praise being heaped upon you for a ‘couragous’ speech to people who, at least publicly, agreed with every word you said, you would stop and reflect on the above remark.  Because it also helps explain why people voted for Trump.  (Doubtless if you hear the word ‘Clemson’ you wonder how you managed to miss this young rising star! – clue – think Football). Faced with the kind of elitism and snobbery exemplified in your statement it is little wonder that many turned away from Clinton and the values represented therein.  Although I don’t understand it and don’t watch it, I would never denigrate the millions who watch American football or indeed mixed martial arts.  You stated to your approving audience that they are not ‘the arts’, to which the only real response is, Mamma Mia!  (I hope you realise I only went to see that film because of you…well…and Abba….but that was two hours out of my life I won’t get back….not your finest moment!


You will forgive me using your own standards…but most of what Hollywood produces is not art.  Or it’s really bad art.  I like going to our local contemporary cinema and to be honest when we see that a film is from Hollywood, I am much less inclined to watch it.  I prefer the independent film-makers, the ‘foreign’ ones who don’t usually have your money or fit into your formula.Sorry for being so arty and snobby – but now you know how the rest of us peasants feel!

They gave me three seconds to say this, so: An actor’s only job is to enter the lives of people who are different from us, and let you feel what that feels like.

Well, that’s not an actor’s only job.  I think you’ll find that making money, introducing politicians, filling gossip columns are all part of the job…but I get your point.  And you do it well.  But can I ask you to try to empathise with those of us who are not millionaires, who don’t have such a voice in the public square and who don’t share your corporate, elitist, ‘liberal’ values?

It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can’t get it out of my head, because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life.

Again I would of course agree with you.  If it were true.  The trouble is that your profession of being upset by Donald Trump mocking a disabled journalist just doesn’t ring true.  First of all – it didn’t happen this year…or indeed last.  It happened in 2015 and there has been a Golden Globes since then.  Your ‘heart break and not being able to get it out of your head’ has gone on a long time!   Then Mr Trump denies that he was mocking the reporter for his disability  – he was certainly mocking but he has used that gesture many times.  Whatever, I regard it as rude and unworthy behaviour but then that is the media role he has had for decades so we don’t really expect anything else.  It’s also a bit ‘post-truth’ and patronising to claim that the Pulitzer prize-winning New York Times journalist was powerless and lacked the capacity to fight back!

But this is where your tears really made me cry.  It’s good that you are so concerned about the mockery of the disabled.  But what about the killing of the disabled?   What about those who say that their disability is such that they don’t have a right to live?  You are an advocate of the right to kill the disabled in the womb, up to birth.   Why?  Who gives you the right to say that the disabled live such an unworthy live, that they are not worthy of life?    Try your empathy here.  Try being someone with Downs Syndrome and imagine hearing rich actresses saying that should be reason for you not to be born, because your life must be so bad – or the lives of those around you.

And this instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life, because it kinda gives permission for other people to do the same thing. Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence. And when the powerful use their position to bully others we all lose.

The lack of self-awareness in his is breathtaking.  You and your fellow Hollywood elites regularly humiliate and mock.  I have heard Trump and his supporters mocked many times by your class.   Maybe they deserve it, but don’t preach to the rest of us about not mocking and humiliating when you yourself do the same thing and applaud those who do.   Stand up comedians are the go-to prophets of our culture and if they were to obey your injunction not to mock or humiliate they would be out of material!

As for the remark about violence.  You are joking!  Remove violence from Hollywood and you won’t be left with a great deal.

meryl-streepAnd lets talk about the powerful using their position to bully others.   We see that often.  So much of sexual abuse is about power and abuse rather than lust.   Which is why when powerful men use their power to humiliate or abuse they should be called out and not lauded by their peers.  I’m sure you agree…that was after all your point.  So can you explain why you stood and joined in the standing ovation to Roman Polanski at the 2003 Oscars?  Mr Polanski was not able to accept the award because if he was on American soil he would have been arrested and put in jail for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old when he was 43.  So you, and many of your fellow Hollywood stars, accepted it for him.  Where were your tears for the humiliated, dispossessed and powerless then?

When Casey Afleck was given a special award at the Globes did you applaud that?  I mean its hardly courageous or consistent to criticise Donald Trump who wasn’t there, whilst rewarding a man who sexually abused two women, who was!

We need the principled press to hold power to account, to call him on the carpet for every outrage. That’s why our founders enshrined the press and its freedoms in the Constitution. So I only ask the famously well-heeled Hollywood Foreign Press and all of us in our community to join me in supporting the Committee to Protect Journalists, because we’re gonna need them going forward, and they’ll need us to safeguard the truth.

Love that.  In this ‘post truth’ world we certainly need a free press with the right to criticise and challenge the prevailing prejudices of the ruling elites.  Including the prejudices so clearly on display last night.    I think the real problem for you and your fellow travellers is that you just don’t get or empathise with the rest of humanity who don’t have your privileges, opportunities and ‘choices’.   As Patrick Nathan tweeted” Hollywood isn’t a bubble. Its a nexus of people coming from all over the world coming together to make art.  White rural America is a bubble”.      Delusional, elitist and racist.  I would hope you don’t support this.

As my friend, the dear departed Princess Leia, said to me once, take your broken heart, make it into art.

I think in this last line you give us a clue as to how divided American society (and indeed any society) can be healed.  We need real broken hearts.  It’s all too easy for any of us, whatever particular bubble we inhabit, to blame the ‘other’.  Maybe we need to have our hearts broken by our own sins before we mourn over the sins of others?  Maybe whats needed is not the arrogance and pride of pontificating from the safety of a Hollywood platform, cyberspace or a church pulpit; but rather a humble and contrite spirit before God.   Trump is not the answer, but neither are you and the elites you represent and speak to.  And neither am I, with all my faults and sins.  I know of only one answer – the ultimate Artist, the Creator of all things, and the Saviour of the World – Jesus Christ.  Maybe our ‘cry in the dark’ should be to him?


Dundee, Scotland

Jan 10th 2017


A shorter version of this article was published in Christian Today


  1. Thank you David
    One if your very best blogs Understated humble devastatingly to the point consistent and absolutely on the ball
    God bless you
    “Lang may yer lum reek”

  2. That’s rich, David. You commenting on a woman who has actually done something in her life while you scam old ladies and morons out of their meager savings, promising them if they will give you money, they will go to heaven.
    BTW, I’m sure she’s really torn up about what you, a piece of worthless scum, thinks about her…

    Now, go back to your lies and character attacks. It’s what you do best.

    1. How sweet to hear from you – with your usual measured, thoughtful tone! And no real surprise that you support the multi-millionaress telling the plebes off! I feel sorry for you…so much anger, so much ignorance, so much hatred and so much prejudice. If you can calm down you should be aware that the Gospel does not say if you give money you go to heaven…in fact it says the opposite…you can’t buy your way into heaven. And I accept that I am a piece of worthless scum….but thankfully the Lord sees difference and takes even the scum and makes them gold!

      1. David, please tell me you realize she was talking about Trump – who is not a “plebe”. He’s a billionaire.
        What world do you live in that you think she was criticizing plebes?
        Knee jerk much?

      2. She is talking about the people who voted for Trump…the great unwashed…the dumb, stupid, white, male racists….please do try to understand the posts you are commenting on – before you comment.

    2. B A… well that’s a measured response. If you represent what you defend we can expect from the liberal elite thoughtful engagement with the issues free of ad hominen, misrepresentation and bile.

      Your speech betrays you. It always does.

      1. David,I have listened to you, Janet, and Janet husband on many occasions bashing the current President, as well as Hillary.

        I don’t agree with everything he has done, but he is a wonderful President. The bible also says to pray for our leader’s. But when it comes to Trump, even if you guy’s don’t agree with what he says or do, you turn a blind eye.

        Why don’t we play fair, if you’re going to expose President Obama for whatever you don’t agree with, please do the right thing and expose Mr. Trump as well.

        With God, there is no respect of person. We shouldn’t have one either.

      2. Thanks Jackie = but can I correct you a wee bit. You will find that I have often praised Obama and also critiqued Trump….Just type Trump in the search engine of this blog if you want…And I have great respect for Obama although like you there are many things he has done that I think he got wrong… I agree totally with your last sentence…

    3. What has she actually done – she plays pretend for a living while a director gives her “direction”. Hardly rocket science, and she’s not above anyone. Basically, she’s so far out of touch with reality that she didn’t even bother to check her facts before spewing them. She needs a reality check.

      1. I agree with you Lori, she has been acting so long she doesn’t even know real anymore.

    4. Really…..B Arnesen…. I don’t know what YOUR religious beliefs are and I pray that sometime soon in your life time you take this to heart and remember this…..”the next time you take it upon YOURSELF to judge a person make sure you are in front of a mirror for the judgement of any HUMAN being is the duty of OUR LORD –
      NOT YOURS-

      1. Susan, thanks for the reality check. We all have been given the task of planting the seeds of the Gospels and tending the vines but the judgment of the fruit or truly God’s and His alone. And for those who are about to blow up because I dared to mention God, one day you will all know the truth of which I speak and we all will meet Him. Whether you believe or not. God bless our country, our leaders and each of us.

    5. Wow. You have made yourself judge and juror but have no clue who and what you are presiding over. Do your homework about David Robertson before condemning him or spitting false truths. Meryl Streep has indeed done something: made billions of dollars for herself. Good for her!

    6. B Arnesen, there are two sides to every story. This blog represents the other side of Meryl’s attempt to intimidate and belittle every American who supported Trump. Hollywood needs to do what Hollywood tries to do best…entertain us. We don’t need them telling us what we should be feeling, how we should vote, etc. We’ve been called racists because we didn’t support Hillary Clinton. Among her heroes, by her own admission, are Robert Byrd (a leader in the KKK) and Margaret Sanger (Google her stance on abortion and why she approved of it.) I shake my head in utter confusion how anyone could support her and call Trump a racist. We are being called deplorable because we want to end Late Term Abortion, we want our National Security protected, our soldiers protected when they cry for help, we want immigrants to come to America legally. We want American jobs to stay in America. We don’t want (or need) a war with Russia. And we truly don’t want to aid and abet countries that chant “Death to America” and hate us. My vote did not have one thing to do with Russia, racism, homophobia, etc. It had to do with believing Trump was the better of two choices for our country at this time. He has agreed to protect the rights of Christians. That’s important to me.

    7. As judgmental, mean and ignorant as you most likely assume the trump supporters are. If I didn’t know you and I don’t – I’d say you’re filled with more hate than a kkk member. Is this the way you want the left portrayed? Your points might go a bit further if they weren’t hurtful and contained some amount of knowledge or fact. It’s funny that a lot of comments I see from the left just can’t get their point across without rage and hurtful words.

    8. I dont agree only with your statement that she is actually a very good actress.. And one of the few times I ever agree with what Trump said about her.. Very good, meaningful commentary about Hollywood. I am somewhat of a moderate/liberal politically but think Hollywood is a good example of being out of touch, much more so than any other economically privileged group ever..

      ……B Arensen your commendation of this lady just shows you haven’t heard his point at all Her “done soemthing with her life” consisted of being born on third base, and being such, like most of Hollywood, having a “holier than thou” attitude, about morals and moral behavior,,,, that she is not really an example of this (nor is Hollywood). while most of America struggles. Perhaps you are from the same cloth.. She is worth nil also, IMO.. and so with anyone who feels the same about the Hollywood elite.. So maybe she would actually care what he says.. though doubtful, just like yourself.. Closed minded

  3. BA
    It’s clear that you are of the literary artistic elite, but have sadly fallen into a category Streep disparages and have failed to follow M Obama’s dictum to go high. Welcome to fallen humanity. Jesus was slain for you too, so there’s hope for you.

  4. “Coloured?”

    That one word says ‘Everything’ I needed to hear.

    You , Janet Pharsall, and the rest of the white so-called Evangelicals, use your literacy and articulation to condone a lying, dysfunctional, multiple bankrupt, Sexual Predator, as Commander and Chief.

    And now you back track Meryl Street’s movies, and prior awards attendance, to find evidence of ‘other’ sexual predators that you feel she favors, in order to further condone the presidency of “Agent Orange”, who is as far from Godliness as “The East is from the West.”

    A long article, “Talking Loud”, “Saying Nothing.”

    You, Janet Pearsall, and all the other Racist Christians like you are No example whatsoever of Jesus Christ.

    For white Republicans, Anyone, any pervert, will do to keep the Black Man out of the White House.


    1. I am sorry that you find the post ‘sickening’…I guess you are easily sickened. Or perhaps you didn’t read it.

      Explain why the one word ‘coloured’ says Everything? I was told that I should not use the term Black and given that I was referring to non-whites, in response to the racist comment that is was only whites who voted, coloured is the normal usage. However for you of course it does not suit…apologies if I have offended your sensibilities.

      But the rest of your post is bizarre and could not be more wrong. I am not a Donald Trump supporter, and if I was an American I would not have voted for him. I’m also a wee bit disappointed that you just ignore the child rape of Roman Polanski – do you not think that is important? What black man was being kept out of the white house? Last time I looked Hilary was a white very privileged woman – but who knows maybe she ‘identified’ as a black man!

      I think what disturbs me about your post is the anger, prejudice and ignorance which lets you spew such abusive lies. Perhaps next time read an article before you respond and actually engage with the article, not just rant your own prejudices?

    2. What is wrong with colored? Why is everyone so bloody politically correct these days? Heck, I have been called, ‘the colored girl over there’ when I was in DR. For goodness sakes.
      Oh, and I am ghostly white.

    3. the “black man” was leaving the office, he was not being kept out of the office. as far as perverts and sexual predators in the white house, we already had one there and his name was Mr Clinton, his strongest defender was Mrs Clinton who not only supported and defended him but also used character assassination against the women who were strong enough and brave enough to come forward and tell their stories of his predation.

    4. You do realize that it is Commander-in-Chief, NOT Commander and Chief? Anyone who wants to write a comment always should check themselves prior to posting. It makes everything you say questionable because you don’t even know the correct title.

  5. Beautifully stated, and a comfort to my heart which seems to be surrounded by people crying out in the dark to anyone but Him. Thankfully, the darkness will not prevail.

  6. This is so wonderfully written and encouraging to read. As someone so tongue tied by her speech, conflicted with the truths and hypocrisy that she spoke, I am personally grateful for this post. Glory be to God

  7. Any US citizen (poor, rich, white, black, Christian, Jewish, muslim) have the right and obligation to call out racism, bigotry, discrimination, and offensive actions and speech. Meryl Streep choose a moment that she was given in a spotlight to speak out against bullying. As a US citizen, we are all equal and she has as much right to speak out as I do.

    It is a terrible problem when a president elect does not understand that words and actions matter. That children see and hear his words and actions and think that if he can do or say that, so can I. And based on the “press conference” today, the media is being attacked by the current president elect. He is rude, vindictive, has no morals, and is a bully. He is opposite of everything I taught my children to be. He is everything that I wish my children not to be.

    Meryl Streep was absolutely correct in everything she said. Just because someone is wealthy, or powerful does not mean that they cannot be oppressed or be attacked.

    No candidate is perfect, however, the ignorance, temperament, and disrespect the current president displays is appalling to me.

    I am appalled that “christians” support such an evil, dispicable man.

    1. Karin – thanks for the interaction. Of course we are all ‘equal’ although not all of us have the same access to media to speak out. But your comments miss the point of my article which was not to support Donald Trump (why do people have to be so black and white) but to point out the hypocrisy of Streep in claiming to speak for the oppressed against the powerful, when she stood and applauded a convicted child rapist….I am appalled that you label all Christians as being ‘Trump supporters’. I suspect that many voted for him because the alternative was worse. Maybe we need to be a little more careful before labelling everyone who does not agree with every point we espouse?

      1. I do understand how you were offended by her trying to say Hollywood is victimized. However – she was speaking out against the man who has spoken so poorly about people, marginalized so many, and done so on his high horse of “being great.” And he never has remorse. I believe, as a privileged white female myself, that it is the privileged that have to use their privilege to combat this privileged man we just elected. (Yes I just used the same word 4 times) Because if we sit by and let him spiral as he has and is doing, then how are we helping? Yes, she should not have claimed to be victimized. Ok. But that was one part of her speech. Let’s look at the overall theme here. Quit bullying, speak out against injustice, and stand strong in our fight against the awfulness he represents. In America, everyone lives in their own bubble. They watch one news station, pick up news off of their personal biased social media, and never think outside of the box. Meryl Streep is someone that everyone will at least listen to. Agree with her or not…she got her message out to every bubble.

      2. Leah – thanks but unfortunately the hypocrisy of what she said undermined any legitimacy in her message. Mt major objection in her speech was her hypocrisy about the disabled and sexual abuse. Everyone does not listen to Meryl Streep….in fact the level of public discourse is really quite sad…I wish we would listen to one another…

      3. Interesting Streep’s moment on the “Bully Pulpit” was to defend a man that does his best with his difficulties and yet like Trump supporters do…you say you are not…the subject is changed and she becomes a bad person. I would take any number of rich folks defending some one in his condition, over the obscenity done by Trump…or anyone. Years ago she like most of us did things that in hind sight were wrong or offensive…read Hanoi Jane….this man continues to denigrate and defile. Yet she takes the high road and for that is vilified, seems she has to remain guilty and be of no good in todays society.

        Last I knew we were in no position to judge…then again I have no pulpit other than FB or this type of thing. As to a lady above saying acting is a no brainer…I guess you would want to talk to folks that spend years honing their craft, only to remain in the extra category and never see a trophy.


      4. Steve – thanks for the comments. I’m not sure that Streeps point was to defend a disabled man – and there is plenty evidence that, as I stated in the blog, Trumps actions though crude were not directed against the mans disability. I was not changing the subject – I was pointing out the hypocrisy in saying you are for the disabled but supporting killing them in the womb, and saying that you are against the powerful exploiting the weak and yet praising Roman Polanski who used his power to rape a 13 year old! Your other comments are a bit extreme and hyperbolic. I wasn’t calling for her to be hung – I was just critiquing her speech! I also find it a bit ironic when someone says they are in position to judge – just after making a whole series of judgements!

    2. I had to fast forward through the blog. I love Meryl Streep for her ACTING ability, and like you, I prefer the foreign or independent films. I am more likely to view a Hollywood production if Meryl is in it, however, because she is so talented. All that considered, who CARES what she thinks or says politically? I do not care what anyone in any position of celebrity thinks or says (or does, for that matter). I read, therefore I am. I am perfectly able to form my own conclusions after having done my own research. Anyone who puts any weight into Hollywood actors’ opinions and comments scares me, frankly. Wake up America, before it is too late!

      1. Yes thank you. I totally agree. I respect and admire Meryl Streep for her acting, intelligence and sensibility. With Helen Mirren she is the best of our generation. Americans should open up to the rest of the world instead of getting more and more isolated.

  8. I completely agree, with all above.
    The line in particular that struck on a wider scale than the over paid “upper crust” , -the need to look inside.
    Each our own souls, eyes open, vision burning past the veils covering the secret (to all maybe even ourseves) driving force within. But for me, I found only true surrender to the Lord can start pealing away the veils like onions. And He doesn’t unless you desire and ask. Personally , it may take a life time. But it’s so worth it. Unfortunately there are many which the need has not been revealed. My prayer is that it will be.

  9. I would just love it if conservatives would stop basing their entire vote on the abortion issue. Statistically abortion rates have decreased during democratic presidencies….. something to think about

    1. Personally God showed me on 9/11 when I cried out about those jumping from the towers to their deaths and it was as if God jerked me up with the fact more babies were being killed more painfully and had never had a chance at life. Why was I not weeping and interceding for them. It is an issue to me and yes I do know how difficult it is with a handicapped person. My brother had CP and lived to be 63 totally handicapped. He was a blessing and loved and blessed. He was part of my life from my birth ..lived with hubby and me 23 years. God’s gift to our family. Abortion is an issue to God and us!!

    2. Hello Jim!

      As a response to your assertion that “Statistically abortion rates have decreased during democratic presidencies”, I give you this article that examines the data on abortion rates during presidential terms.

      “From the beginning of President Reagan’s first term (1980), a new trajectory has begun to emerge: an overall trend in declining abortion ratios, despite a few short-term hiccups. In other words, the political affiliation of the president doesn’t appear to be a very good predictor of whether the abortion rate (or ratio) will rise or fall.”

    3. (A half-truth is a half lie) I love this stat used by the left.
      “Statistically abortion rates have decreased during democratic presidencies”

      I wish people understood correlation vs causation. It’s not that hard.

      It would be easy to demonstrate that abortion rates have not risen under Democratic administrations in the last several decades, but it would be false to argue that declines in abortion rates are an exclusive feature of Democratic presidencies. The claim that abortion rates fall under Democrats, while true, ignores the fact that rates have also continued to decline through Republican administrations as well.

      The claim, then, that abortion rates (at least since their mid-1980s peak) have risen when Republicans have held the White House is therefore equally false. At most, one can argue that the rate of decline appeared to slow during the presidency of George W. Bush before increasing under President Barack Obama’s administration, but such an observation would be based on a comparison between only two administrations and would do nothing to demonstrate causation.

      In fact, causation between the presidency and abortion rates would be difficult to demonstrate in any case because it is hard to draw a straight line between federal government policy (let alone presidential policy) and abortion procurement. Nearly all challenges to open access to abortion have come at the state, and not the federal, level.

    4. The only reason the statistics say that… is because states like California no longer report their huge abortion numbers. Fact check.

      I am not a one issue voter by any means… but I “am” a data expert.

      Try thinking about the lives lost rather than meaningless statistics. 🙂

  10. What do you mean by ‘elites’? I hear that term used often by Trump and Brexit supporters (and others as well) and it seems to be used for anyone who is educated or successful? I am university educated with two degrees and while I am still young, I hope to one day use that education to create and enact public policy for the good of society. Does that make me an ‘elite’ and if so why is that a bad thing?

    Or is being an elite all in how you act? Trump lives in a gold tower on 5th avenue but because he “grabs pussys”, makes fun of disabled people and is mildly racist, this makes him a man of the people?

    1. James….I actually think that Trump is part of the elites…and no ‘elite’ does not mean educated ….although the elites like to give out that impression. If you are an educated person I’m sure you can work out what elite means! Your last comment does not make sense and betrays a rather sad view of the people!

    2. First of all, I just shake my head in wonderment when liberals with an elitist thought process use false claims when criticizing another. In question is that Trump mocked a disabled person. Liberals usually make false claims such as this because, and I hate to admit it, most people are not usually as informed as they should be or do not follow up on stories such as the one you used here. It makes liberals as always being on the high road.

      Unless I am informed otherwise, with proper resources, I believe that when Trump went through the child like antics, which he has done before, the powers that be went through their searches and came up with a photo of some journalist who had a limp wrist addiction such as Trump used in his rant. They then pointed to this photo to make the accusation that Trump was mocking him, and yes I understand your next argument that a lot of things we do offhandedly can be attributed to mocking many of us with some sort of quirkiness.

      Secondly, I’m so happy that your not an elitist with your two degrees and more than full “eddycation” so’s you can enact great public policy that enables those of us who are not “eddycated” to be able to live in your dream world. I certainly hope when that time comes you won’t forget us when your looking down on us, you smug egotistical abnormality.

    1. I love how everyone automatically assumes Trump support and starts calling White Evangelicals, hypocrites, if they have anything negative to say about Streep. I voted Ron Johnson. Those who technically voted for Trump voted for his running mate, Pence. They also voted for a non-liberal Supreme Court Justice.

  11. The need to vilify Meryl Streep over the most disgusting deplorable vile human I’ve ever had the displeasure of observing is hypocritical. Who spoke out against the disgusting things Donald Trump said and did? Who gave biblical examples of how this man has no integrity.? Misplaced outrage.

    1. Linda – there is no ‘need’ to vilify Meryl Streep. I was commenting on her speech – not on the qualities or otherwise of Donald Trump – and I have spoken out about some of the disgusting things he has said, as well as some of the good things. Not every thing is so black and white as you seem to think. My post was about the hypocrisy of what Streep said, not to defend or attack Trump…perhaps you would like to comment on the post…otherwise just coming on here to vent your feelings about a particular individual isn’t really helpful, is it?

  12. Thank you for a well written response to the also well crafted remarks of Ms Streep. All I know about you is what inferred from the blog entry and the comments. Thus, I can say without prejudice, “We’ll said.” It has certainly been interesting to observe a political contest between two people who, if running unopposed, would have lost. I believe the large vote turnout for Mr Trump was from many who have felt they were being ignored by Hollywood elites, politicians, and the liberal press. They responded to a flawed candidate not because they expected him to be able to do anything about their situation but because he listened to their concerns. As a result changes will occur in both the winning and the losing political parties.

  13. I agree with most of what you said. I did vote for Trump and I say let’s give him a chance before we condemn him. We gave a man from Chicago 8 years ans knew nothing about him and look what he has done.

  14. ((#1)) First off, I appreciate your respect for actress Meryl Streep – and for giving her credit for some good points she made (about vulgar language, defense of disabled, etc.) ((#2)) Secondly, however, you rightly call her out for her hypocrisy aka “double-standard”: She claims to care for disabled people, but doesn’t care for disabled unborn babies who get killed in their mothers’ wombs, simply because we are dishonest and claim that they’re merely a “blob of tissue,” and not a human. So, you were as wise as a serpent (my point #2) and as gentle as a dove (my point #1). [In all fairness to Streep, my research indicates that she does not claim to be a Christian, so I can’t call her a hypocrite here, but we, who believe the Bible, understand that LUKE 1:41 and LUKE 1:44 call the unborn a ‘baby,’ not a ‘blob of tissue,’ meaning it’s a person, and should not be killed for convenience.] But ((#3)) my third and last point is this: You reportedly sent a copy of your last “open letter” to Prince Charles, the intended recipient. While I would like to send a copy of your letter to Streep, I don’t know that I have the time, and I’m a “small person,” who is easily ignored. Do you think you could send her a copy of your open letter — and our comments here? My reason for asking you to send Streep a copy is this: Since you are respectful to her, David, she is likely to listen to — and consider — your (our) respectful dissent regarding her hypocrisy and double-standards, some of which we both discuss.

    Thank you for your consideration of publishing my comment — and for trying to send Streep a copy of your letter. (If I have time, I hope to try and send her a copy too – as we all make good points in a respectful manner, which is what Sovereign King Jesus would want us to do to advance His message of life and hope.)

    We remember & realise that Jesus is not only Saviour (John 3:16) but also the *only* perfect role model & example (John 13:15; I Peter 2:21) for us humans, which is encouragement & guidance we need to have faith that we’re not hopeless in our difficult life. Your polite, but firm and academically excellent, letter may reflect King Jesus (and help her faith in the process).

    Gordon Wayne Watts
    Lakeland (between Tampa & Orlando)
    Florida, USA, earth///

  15. I would like to point out the Meryl Streep donned a fat suit and painted her face orange to mock Donald Trump. This was to promote an event that she was associated with. This happened in June of 2016. I didn’t mind her portrayal, and Trump can certainly take his own licks. But for her to put on this self righteous, holier-than-thou act is a joke.

    “And this instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life, because it kinda gives permission for other people to do the same thing. Disrespect invites disrespect…”. You can’t make this stuff up!

    Her whole speech, while on the surface may have seemed moving, reeked from the hypocrisy beneath. Glad other people see this too. Oh…and her name was not Princess Leia, Meryl, it was Carrie Fisher. Some friend.

  16. Thank you very much for your post regarding Meryl Streep’s speech at the award ceremony. As a Christian, I just wanted to say that I am deeply concerned and saddened by the manner in which we seem to have lost the admonition to “Love thy Neighbor.” My heart is broken when I hear the type of caustic and vitriolic discourse that has taken place in America as of late. As a young man growing up in the Evangelical church during the 1980s, there was a political shift in our church services. Announcements became shorter to make room for political speeches. We were told that America was under attack by Satan. We were urged to see the gradual Eroding of family values at the hands of Hollywood and other socializing agents in our culture. The “us and them” mentality began to develop dramatically. We were also asked to vote for given candidates because of their moral stance on abortion, and gay issues. People made fun of gay individuals during church services. I personally knew three women who had abortions and sat quietly in church as the minister denounced abortion is the gravest of sins. As I became a man, I decided that I had no longer any interest in listening to political speeches at church. I can say that my relationship with God is The driving force of my life. I have the ability to disagree with my friends on very difficult issues. I have the ability to have loving conversations with them while remaining true to my beliefs. I think that is what a Christian is. Finally, While Meryl Streep took advantage of her time in the spotlight to call out Donald Trump on his outrageous behavior during the election, we need to remind ourselves that evangelical elites have had just as many opportunities in television shows, magazines, books, speeches, pulpits and other venues to do the same. Again, whether abortion is right or not,whether gay rights should or should not be, whether we are under attack by Satan or Russia, whether family values are no longer what they once were, the political left and right are still our neighbors. There are ways of speaking to one another that show love, respect, and caring, without agreeing with what we hear. I am sure you will respond to this comment by stating that it was bizarre or that I should read your whole article before responding or something else that invades the point. I hope that you would think before you respond, “how would Jesus do so.” It is only then that we can have a meaningful discourse in America. Christian should set the example. I believe in turning the cheek when I am attacked. Again, thank you for your review.

    1. Thanks Mark – I agree entirely we should not be hearing politics from the pulpit. We should be hearing the Word of God – and we should be hearing about Christ. I also don’t find your post bizzare – although I would agree with your suggestion that you should read a post before commenting on it!

  17. Great article David. Nice that you ended with pointing back to Jesus. There’s a similar article in the Daily Mail by Piers Morgan. Another good read.

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  19. I understand that Trump frequently acts disabled when he mocks someone. That doesn’t mean that he’s not being rude when he acts disabled to mock a disabled person, quite the opposite, it means that he’s mocking disabled people every time he acts disabled to mock anyone. I’m amazed at the great efforts some go to justify this man’s crude behavior.

    1. I am also amazed at you posting such a post on here. I was not defending Trump. In future if you wish to post on my blog at least interact with what has been said…don’t just rant about your own prejudices…

  20. still have pence our Christian vice president right there..he will be praying for all…chillax…lords in control..god bless lov u

  21. Streep’s outrage at Trumps mocking of a disabled journalist doesn’t ring true
    A strange thing to say.
    Any reasonable person viewing the footage will see what Trump was doing.
    What are you trying to say here David?
    I fail to see.
    This kind of defence of ultra right politics for its own sake is lacking in credibility.
    There is no correspondence between this kind of thought and Jesus life.
    Just goes to show how far modern Protestant thought has drifted from the truth.

    1. Stephen – I don’t want to repeat myself so I will just simply suggest you read what I actually wrote…her outrage didn’t ring true because she talked about in happening last year when it actually happened in 2015. Furthermore there is considerable doubt as to whether he was mocking him for his disability or, as has been clearly shown when he made the same gesture to others, who were not disabled. But you miss the main point. And you should note I was not defending ultra right politics. So if you want to talk about truth – then you should practice it, be careful what you accuse others of, and next time before you emote your feelings, read what is actually written, think about it and then make an intelligent comment….Thanks

  22. Make an intelligent comment?
    what do you mean by that?
    If you feel comfortable siding with Trump and his anti-disabled gestures then be my guest.

    Her outrage didn’t ring true
    It rang very true.
    I just don’t understand how you can position yourself in this way.

    If you want to talk about truth you should practise it
    Again what an arrogant comment.

    The Thanks at the end is more arrogance.

    By their fruits you shall know them.

    No fruit….

    1. Again – you need to take a deep breath, calm down and think about what you write – before you rage.

      Your post is just a serious of accusations and emotive outbursts and self-righteous condemnation – you feel free to claim ‘no fruit’ whilst offering no evidence. As I already pointed out, and you can see if you actually read the blog, I don’t side with Trump. There are numerous points made in the article which you either have not read, do not understand, or are just not prepared to engage with. Given that I don’t want this blog to descend into the kind of internet name calling that passes for so called debate nowadays, you will forgive me if I don’t post any more of your comments, which are just abuse. If however you have something substantive and intelligent to say (and if you need me to explain what that means, then you probably don’t) I am more than happy to post…even if you disagree with me. Just avoid the self-righteous cant in the future or take your vitriol and abuse elsewhere. Thanks (if thats not too arrogant for you – you do seem to have this propensity to think that you can read and discern others hearts and motives – maybe not such a good thing to claim?)…

  23. Spot on, David! Hollywood has really turned me off by how they act. Sure, we all disagree on things, but how you react says a lot about your character. We need to once again become united and work together for the good of our country. Keep up the great work!

  24. I don’t disagree entirely with your message. However, I disagree with a few of your thoughts.

    First, Mr.Trump identified the person who was disabled and continued with:

    At the rally where he discussed Kovaleski, Trump said, “You gotta see this guy” and wildly flailed his arms, his right hand flopping at an odd angle as he shouted in a weird, agitated voice: “Ahh, I don’t know what I said! Ahh, I don’t remember!”

    “You gotta see this guy”?

    So how are we to interpret ” You gotta see this guy” ? Why did he say that? Why would he ask his audience that?

    Next, What does Ms. Streep’s identification of a timeframe in which Mr. Trump said things even matter? Whether he said it yesterday or 5 yrs. ago? Christ said things 2000 years ago. Do I believe they have relevance today? Yes. This is something that some people use to deligitimize what was said or done. Someone “once said” something doesn’t matter? Ms. Streep said these things in a speech a week ago, but people are still trying deligitimize her speech.

    The Hollywood elite. Because they make an extravagant amount of money and notoriety, they automatically deserve to be called “elitist”? Maybe some. Yet some of them worked menial jobs and took acting classes to attain their profession and their ability. Some of them have used their notoriety to bring awareness to some of humanity’s problems. Some on the celebrity’s own dime. I like ” some” work in motion pictures and t.v. And I consider it art. I don’ t hero worship. I have increasingly been more skeptical of some famous people as I was let down by people who I thought were good like Bill Cosby and Lance Armstrong.

    Where did Ms. Streep call anyone names? Yes, she took a jab at professional sports and the people who watch them, but she didn’t identify them as enemies and losers. Did I miss it?

    To me her speech did not deligitimize his election, she was pointing to the things said and done by Mr.Trump and his supporters. I never heard her calling them less than people or names. While Trump has called people losers and enemies if they have slightly questioned his character.

    Ms. Streep actually has many times thanked her directors(teachers), producers and supporters. I hear a lot of Thank you speeches. Yet I hear Mr. Trump constantly exclaim his success and prosperity as his responsibility. I hear his elitism when he does this. That he is the best and no one has more respect for women, the Jews and the minorities than he does? Really? He is the most respectful than all the rest of us? To me that is elitism. It’s a sure symptom of a sociopath. He really doesn’t care because his words, actions and nominees suggest differently.

    Ms. Streep never claimed a moral high ground. She expressed her feelings. Yet she has been attacked. For what exactly, I don’t understand. Because she expressed her feelings and thoughts from the stage in her own words not from a script written by another? She didn’t read from a teleprompter.

    I call her a person, who happens to be an actress, who spoke from her heart. She’s not a threat for saying the things she said or for her theatrical performances. Mr. Trump will be inaugurated to a place of power and responsibility in a week. He still has yet to reveal his taxes. His last answer to the question of why he hasn’t? “I won”. Is he an elitist? He sounds like one. MJBJ

    1. Thanks Michael….I don’t really want to spend a lot of time arguing about Donald Trumps rudeness to the reporter – that is not in dispute. Whether he was mocking his disability is open to dispute. My critique was of Streeps hypocrisy in claiming to care about the disabled whilst advocating killing them in the womb – something I note you don’t mention.

      You also mention the point about the timing – that was only significant because it shows Streep up to be fake – she lied about hearing it this year and being traumatised since.

      The Hollywood elite are precisely that – whatever background they came from.

      Yes you did miss the name calling – and the usual whinging about everyone who voted for Trump being racist or stupid.

      She never claimed the moral high ground? You are kidding! That is precisely what she was doing….

      I don’t disagree with your comments about Trump….but then I was not defending him….so they are not really appropriate here…

  25. Vilified and Victimized are not the same thing. She was saying Hollywood is being portrayed as a bunch of villains, not victims. Plus, she has as much of right to say what she did as you have to write what you did.

  26. I don’t agree with all you said, but I understand why you wanted to put her in her place. I felt the same, and as I saw the others on camera while she spewed her crap, I could tell that they all didn’t agree with her bullying rant either. Anyway, I’m done watching her act, and anyone who agrees with the rioters and the murderers who had stopped traffic, including an ambulance that could not proceed to the hospital, and a young man died. Anyone who supports these kinds of acts of hurting other people is not sane, and so I do not want their ideas or spirits sharing my life. Even, on. screen. Thank GOD that Jesus has saved me! And, so I pray that He saves these dark hearts too. Hell is getting full, from the testimonies I see…

    Search youtube for DIED HEAVEN HELL (then sort -20minutes, to rid music videos) to see hundreds of videos of people’s testimonies from around the world that have met Jesus! GOD is, without any doubt, Good.

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