Quantum 85 is out now on the Solas website, iTunes and Podbean.

Quantum 85 is out now on the Solas website, iTunes and Podbean.

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* Ashers Bakery – the Peter Tatchell response *

* Ashers Bakery – the liberal Christian response *

* Assisted Suicide in the Netherlands *

* Jack Chick *

* King of Thailand *

* Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen *

* Mosul and Isis – Syrian Priest returns to village *

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The Independent – Ashers Bakery’s defeat is no win for the LGBT community – it sets a dangerous and authoritarian precedent

Christian Today – Steve Chalke To Preside Over Renaming Ceremony For Transgender Christian

The Independent – Dutch consider extending assisted dying laws to those who ‘feel their life is complete’

The Washington Post – Europe’s morality crisis: Euthanizing the mentally ill

BBC – Thai king death: Nation mourns loss of revered royal

ComicsAlliance.com – The Comics and Brimstone of Jack T. Chick, 1924-2016

The Telegraph – Bob Dylan – I’ll be at the Nobel Prize ceremony… if I can

Christian Today – Light Out Of Darkness: A Review Of Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’

Channel 4 News – Mosul battle: Priest returns to his church and home in Bartella

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Sting – Soul Cake

David Gray – Cake and Eat it

Lecrae – Divine Intervention

Mick Jagger – Brand new set of rules

Eva Cassidy – People get ready

Bob Dylan – Gonna change my way of thinking

Leonard Cohen – You want it darker

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Beautiful Eulogy – Exile Dial Tone


  1. The BBC radio Scotland interview of Stonewall rep: for once (perhaps because of Tatchel’s comments) a robust cross examination of gay rights activist on whether a gay baker would have to bake a cake saying “Gay/equal marriage is wrong.” “They would be in their rights to refuse to bake the cake”, was the answer finally drawn out.

    Fatuously contradictory, unequal.

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