Quantum 69

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  • Muhammed Ali
  • Jan Crouch
  • Problem Child? No Problem – Killing newborn babies a.k.a. “After-birth abortion”
  • Catholic man sentenced to 3 months on a Baptist pew
  • Generation Snowflake
  • Going to Church extends your life
  • Doomerangers
  • W.H.O. Transgender and Denmark
  • EU – Hedge funds running exit polls
  • EU Hate Speech Deal

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Quantum 69



  1. Enjoyed the discussion about the guy that was sentenced to go to the Baptist church. Now – I’ve listened to some sermons that have sounded like punishment – now I know it’s true that some literally are a punishment haha.

    I had to laugh also at the knowing Jesus because of chicken crossing the road.

    Increasingly I a coming to the conclusion that it is a waste of time to get angry about certain things and the best weapon that can be used is humour. For me at least.

    And with this and the snowflake generation. Hasn’t this become our culture as well as be something of a symptom for a particular generation? Just in the last week I have been called weird, condescending, lost. In the past I have been called abusive, misogynistic, insensitive, nasty. The list goes on. Why? Because I have said something that people don’t like.

    It’s boring.

    OK I get the point – loving kindness yes. But if one is loving and kind if the only way to prevent a child putting their hand into a fire and getting it burned is physically to restrain them and them cry because they don’t like that they are not being allowed to touch the fire is it better to let them burn? Or is it better that they do cry and then it is explained that that can’t have what they want all the time. sometimes what they want is harmful to them and it does them good to temporally suffer from their desire not being met.

    In response to the “lost” comment this week form a friend, I pointed out that she have been projecting, avoiding her own issue and the she doesn’t control me, she is not God. Time will tell I guess if there is loss of friendship as a result and/or the laughable false accusations akin to misogyny, abuse of privilege etc.

    Thanks again for then laugh today. I wonder what would be a good way of addressing this snowflake generation. Bring back national service perhaps? I remember my time in the Air Force, being lined up with my contemplates in front of a billet with a drill sergeant bellowing “my name ins sergeant Johnston that’s spelled B-A-S-T-A-D. When I say sh*t you look for a shovel, when I say jump you ask how high”.

    Yup – national service – it’s the only way forward.

  2. There is a lot in this edition.

    I like the description “Generation Snowflake”, but in its throwaway simplicity (and I’ve not read the “Spectator” article) it can mask some genuine child mental health concerns. I’ve worked in the adult mental health system and some adults have had horrific childhoods. I do not know how they have survived. They need to have a “renewal of the mind.” Cognitive Behavioural Therapy seeks to address faulty thinking about self often stemming from childhood. The simple idea is that behind every feeling there is a thought and it might be really basic like “I wish I’d never been born” because the person was brought up as a “mistake,” as ruining their parents lives, or being abandoned, or cursed by parental language. Their wills and emotions are captive to their ingrained thoughts.

    The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only answer to thoroughly renewing the mind. Secular mental health services, ultimately, do not have the answer.

    The polar opposite stems from the secular cult of the child which can lead to to “generation snowflake”.

  3. Senior legal official in the EU fails to understand the difference between wearing a garment which hides most of your face and wearing a crucifix:
    However, it could be one rule for some and another rule for others:

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