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The Folly of Reductionism – Preaching From St Peters


One of the great privileges of being in St Peters at the moment is hearing some phenomenal bible teaching/preaching.   We have a team of preachers – Will Traub, Harry Mealyea are two of our elders who always do a great job.  Craig Anderson one of our young men is another excellent preacher.  John Ferguson one of our former C of S ministers is part of the team as well.  And there are others!  We have an abundance of spiritual chefs!

Another elder is Sinclair Ferguson – his preaching through 1 Peter has really been feeding my soul (and many others).  Dominic Smart has been with us for the past few months and his teaching on 2 Corinthians has been a real blessing.  This morning as I prepared to go and preach on Isaiah, I listened to Dominic’s sermon from last Sunday morning on Ecclesiastes entitled The Folly of Reductionism.  It is a sermon for our times….simple, direct, contemporary, biblical – listen, feast on God’s word and pray.  If you are not a Christian, this sermon offers you a real challenge.  Its time to think.

You can download these sermons and listen to them at your leisure.  You can pass them on to others.

You can get others  Here  including Sinclair’s latest sermon on 1 Peter.  This is biblical contemporary preaching at its very best. Its what we need today….its certainly what I need!



    1. Try a different browser. I was using Chrome and got the same, so I switched to Internet Explorer and it worked.

  1. Very moving sermon. As a Christian, it is very easy to fall into the way of thought of the time, especially during times of disappointment. Thank you, for post this. Also, do you know the title of the tune at the beginning and end?

  2. Robert Bruce Kehl,

    I don’t know whether you continue to look into this blog but if you do, Sinclair Ferguson has answered your comments on another article “personally” at the outset in this sermon from St Peter’s 2016 May 22(pm) Dr Sinclair Ferguson on “Loving life” – 1 Peter 3:8-12
    24/05/. Follow the link in this present post from David.

    The sermon itself will pierce the heart of us all and as David says, “it is cetainly what I need.” Couldn’t recommend it more.

    Thanks to Carolina, I reached the sermons througn searching explorer. Still can’t get there through google.

  3. Couldn’t find sermons on Firefox. Then I spotted a little pop-up arrow at the bottom of the page, clicked on it and there they were. I suspect something similar will work on Chrome.


  4. Thanks John,

    How did you know I prefer and use firefox! But it seems that the “glitch” (if there was omne) has been fixed now.

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