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  • Welcome to Secular Scotland
  • A Christian University for Scotland
  • “The Secular Inquisition” of Jeremy Balfour MSP
  • Greek Communists oppose civil partnerships
  • Christian Education

Quantum 68


  1. Some interesting points.

    The claim for “false unity” within the CofS and having turned away from the gospel being given as reasons for decline in numbers. Increase in numbers spoken of in the FCofS. OK so nothing new with what is being said about the CofS from Evangelical representatives the FCofS and this implies argument that Evangelicals have the truth to which liberals need to adhere to.

    What is the reality? What is the truth? How is God at work and how might unity “in Christ” be attained and nurtured?

    They is talk from social commentators about a “sexodus” of young men for society in general. That being men who are checking out of society and sex and relationships with women because they have weighed up the costs and benefits and come to the conclusion that they are better off this way. Could it be that (as in the time of Martin Luther) not dis-similarly there is the invisible church and the visible church. That is the “church” being the visible bottoms on seats and the invisible church being those in unity in Christ who may attend church and others who have had a form of exodus form church but yet experience unity with other Christians?

    Perhaps it is more nuanced than what it might appear from bottoms on pews? Could consideration of this be part of what it means to be “salt and light” Just a thought.

    That was funny with what you said about Greek communists – so is this indication of you going over to the left David? Just kidding :).

    Yes – a particular worldview being the only worldview allowed. so what do we do about that? It’s an interesting vision about a “Christian education centre with a Christian university”. This sounds a lot like the path that American fundamentalism took another form of exodus. Would this be to create a “safe space” for Christians? It is a challenging proposal. I wonder what the “one accord” early church consensus would be about that. How would this be funded? Is this achievable? And if it is to be achieved then how might one avoid the pitfalls of fundamentalism?

    It seems to me that in a decline of Christendom (not Christianity) that with it being less en vogue to be Christian that there needs to be another approach to how the gospel is shared and a getting used to be different rather than the same or similar to prevailing culture. I see this as an exciting time of opportunity for expression in changing ways appropriate to the culture while remaining true to the same gospel message.

    To what degree do we separate and “come out” of the prevailing culture and to what degree we be “in the world but not of the world” has always been a challenge. I doubt if that will change soon. Surely there is a place for both?

    1. Yep – you got it Adam…those to hold to the Bible are accepting the truth, those who reject it (liberals) are rejecting the truth.

  2. Thanks David.

    Surely Christ transcends any political allegiance whether that be within culture or internal to the church.

    The “liberal” principles are not necessarily bad. We do hold to all being born equal and with dignity (article 1 of the Declaration of Human rights). However when the only worldview being allowed is that of prevailing power (currently the left) then important voices get oppressed.

    So what is truth? The truth is that any adherence to lie is rejection of truth. The only way we can be got at and lose any freedom in Christ is with lies.

    I’ve been called a liberal and a conservative at times. I guess people will figure out for themselves what where I fit in their eyes. All I know is that if I try to squeeze into either box, I find either box is too small to contain me.

    I’m not sure to what extent it is useful to point the finger at liberals (or for that matter conservatives). Isn’t it enough to shine and speak truth? If we are to condemn the “other” then I would suggest let those of us who are without sin cast the first stone.

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