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Why Creflo Dollar is not Welcome in Scotland



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The National carried the following report in its Saturday edition.   There have been some Christians who are unhappy with my comments (whats new?!).  But their criticisms at first sight appear reasonable and therefore I would like to do them the courtesy of answering:

  1. Why speak so strongly against a Christian brother in the secular press?   Indeed.  It is appalling that in this day and age we have to warn in the public press about a false teacher in the church.  It is depressing and heart breaking that such exists. But when it does we have to warn.  The prosperity gospel is not the good news.   The last thing that the Church in Scotland needs is a visit from an American multi-millionaire telly-evangelist who drives a Rolls, has a mansion in Atlanta, a Penthouse in New York and a salary of millions.   The trouble is that so many Christian leaders in Scotland agree with what I said but don’t think they should say it.  I note here a trend amongst good evangelicals who are concerned (rightly) that they might come across as harsh, unloving or disrespectful, to be silent – at least in public.   My problem is that this would condemn Elijah, Jesus and Paul.  Paul wrote a public letter wishing that false teachers on the subject of circumcision would go all the way and castrate themselves – that was hardly circumspect!


2) Isn’t this an attack on Destiny Church who are doing a great work?  – In one sense yes.  They should not be inviting a false teacher to come and preach in their churches – if so they are associated with that false teaching.  Of course God can use Creflo Dollar – he can use a donkey and he can use a pagan king.  But we are not to allow God’s sovereignty to justify human sin/stupidity and our own inaction. I would plead with Destiny to uninvite Creflo Dollar.

3) Don’t you believe in Free Speech?  Of course I believe in free speech.  I am using it!  I am not arguing for Creflo Dollar to be banned or to have his passport taken away.  I am using my free speech to point out his false teaching and to ask churches not to invite and people not to support him.

4) Don’t you believe in God’s blessing?  When I got this one I wanted to pull out the last remaining bits of my hair!   Of course I believe in God’s blessing.  I just don’t make a direct equation between the richer you are, the more it shows how you are blessed.  Blessed are the poor.   It is not a sin to be a millionaire.  It is a sin to teach that the gospel is a way to make yourself a millionaire and it is a sin for a pastor to take the tithes of the poor and turn them into a private jet for himself.

This is the article below. (Incidentally it was the National’s most popular article online over the weekend).  Note how the Humanist Society can’t resist the temptation to get a wee dig in about their Bad News….

You’re not welcome, Free Church tells American pastor Creflo Dollar

The National 9 Apr 2016

CONTROVERSIAL American pastor Creflo Dollar, who last year asked his followers to stump up $65 million for a new private jet, has been told he is not welcome in Glasgow, by the Free Church of Scotland.

The televangelist is set to appear at the SECC in June in a meeting organised by the Destiny Evangelical church.

Dollar is a proponent of the Prosperity Gospel that says being rich is God’s will and that a regular donation to the church can help a believer become more wealthy.

But yesterday, the Rev David Robertson, Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland said Dollar’s work was blasphemous and embarrassing, and told him to go elsewhere.

Robertson said: “Creflo Dollar coming here is appalling. He’s a multimillionaire, American, televangelist and we really do not need him here. The church doesn’t need him. It’s embarrassing to have somebody like that come. His prosperity gospel is blasphemous. It’s not what people in Scotland need to hear.

“He’s not welcome. Not with that message. It’s a horrendous message that he brings. It’s not the message of the gospel at all. He can keep his jet and use it to fly elsewhere.”

Dollar is senior pastor at his own World Changers Church International, and has an estimated net worth of $27 million. The New York Times reported that he has mansion in Atlanta, a penthouse in New York, several cars, including a Rolls Royce.

When he was asked about the Rolls Royce is a rare media interview he replied: “It was a gift that my local church gave to me, you don’t turn down a gift that somebody gives to you”.

Last year Dollar appealed to his parishioners to each donate $300 towards the cost of a new G650 Gulfstream private jet, insisting it was necessary.

Chief executive of Humanist Society Scotland Gordon MacRae said: “Scotland is proudly a place where people are able to express their views, no matter how ridiculous people find then.

“This news is coming in the same week as the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey confirmed that a majority of people in Scotland are not religious.

“We trust that Destiny Church would not expose any of their vulnerable members to be to exploited by his voracious appetite for money. We don’t want Scotland to become the latest layover stop for wealthy televangelists seeking to rip people off.”


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  1. As someone with an honours in theology and a masters in biblical interpretation from the reputable International Christian College in Glasgow, Scotland validated by Aberdeen university and thereby having earned my place of good reputation for sound theological discourse and well argued debate I say let Creflo dollar come to Scotland and preach his wonderful message of prosperity to all to give to the kingdom to receive back tenfold.

    At the same time, given the right statement made by the former principle of the International Christian College Richard Tiplady that Christian worship ad community is unattractive outsiders, sometimes even repulsive and the only offense should be the cross of Christ I would appeal for the following.

    That there should be donations made to yours truly so that I may be able to afford move out of the east end of Glasgow to a more influential part of the city in the west end. So I may explore the potential of evangelism there for the best influence on contemporary culture, perhaps plant a church in or near, say Byres Road. And as it would not be attractive or indeed sensitive to the feelings of any potential congregation for me to be driving my 17 year old car with current trade in value of £300, then a new car that would attract potential converts to Christianity would be best use of resources. An Aston Martin Vanquish would be the most likely choice for this. A modest cost at £216,000.

    1. His a scammer..I wouldn’t want him welcome in my countrie either. It’s not complicated his using the word of god to make lots of money for himself. I cant actually believe that people think this “Crefflo a dollar” isn’t a scammer..

  2. Hi David,

    Not sure what you said in your original objections but I can see the case for publicly distancing the Christian Faith from such people. That being said, I’m not sure I would use the example of
    Elijah, Jesus or Paul to justify doing so. My reason being, each combatted false teachers within the professing church. Israel was the covenant people of God.

    I do have a bit of a dilemma reconciling some of the harsher language you refer to with Paul’s instruction to Timothy, ‘the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, 25 correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, 26 and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will’

    2 Timothy 2:24-26a | ESV

    1. John,

      I am sure you agree with the principle that you do not get Scripture contradicting itself – and therefore Paul does not contradict himself. And he is not critical of Jesus – who use some pretty harsh language! I think it is perfectly possible to reconcile the two, once you realise that kindness does not necessarily equal niceness

      1. Indeed David. Scripture does not contradict and kindness does not equal niceness. But kindness and another important word in Paul’s instruction, gentleness, require weighing. All the more so since in 2 Timothy, the opponents are not merely misguided believers but serious false teachers, leaders who have turned away from the gospel. I am very comfortable with forthrightness, firmness, not being mealy-mouthed, unvarnished etc.

        Of course, I take your point about the harsh words of Jesus, Paul, not to mention many of the prophets directed at false prophets and leaders.

        However, given 2 Timothy, I try as hard as possible to attack the message rather than the messenger. I wish to be as free as possible from any charge of being abusive or abrasive. Of course, opponents will level such charges even if undeserved partly because by doing so they hope to undermine the message and partly because we live in an age when offence is taken at very little.

      2. Again – I agree. The trouble is with the message – although in this case it is very tied up with the messenger. You sahll know them by their fruits. Apart from the greed and the misappropriation of the Lords money there is also the fact that he was required to undertake an ‘anger management’ programme after being accused of assaulting his teenage daughter.

  3. Destiny church isn’t doing good work – it’s a phony, money-orientated church so Creflo Dollar fits right in. A church with an ATM and Paypal/Direct Debit instructions on its website. Horrible, horrible church. It’s all about money and like attracts like.

    1. Personally I don’t see any difference between having a PayPal address or Direct Debit details on a web page and passing round the collection plate, except that it si a little more up to date.

  4. Then there is the money involved bringing him over here.

    This page:

    suggests that:

    “World Changers Church representative Kayla Dollar told the Christian Post in an interview last year that although the ministry doesn’t set a specific honorarium, they do ask for half the cost of the fuel.”

    According to this page ( the $65M Gulfstream G650 jet used by Rev Dollar costs $5.66 per nautical mile in fuel.

    Atlanta Georgia to Glasgow is 3,959 miles or 4553 nautical miles (a nautical mile is 1.15 miles). Total return journey is 9,106 miles.

    Total cost of fuel for this journey:


    50% of this:


    Which is, at today’s exchange rate:


    I am sure David Robertson would have spoken for half that, but of course that is not the point.

    Destiny has become very enamoured of Christian TV. Having been on UCB for a while they have been appearing on TBS, which is now on Freeview. They seem to want to be more like those kinds of church and maybe Dollar’s approach would get them the “breakthrough” they seek.

    1. Business class flights from Atlanta to Aberdeed start around $7,000. If I am sent to Atlanta on business I would expect to fly Business class. I don’t image Mr Dollar flies alone. The web site said “and staff” implying at least three. If it is actually four then the Jet is a bargain.

      1. Alan, again I am absolutely astonished that you think Christian pastors should fly business class. You and I live in a very different world. Mr dollar would do a whole lot more good if he saved the airfare and sent it to church plants in Scotland.

  5. Destiny Church tried to set up in my town (Oban) some years ago. It was rumbled by the locals and closed down. Very secretive, materialistic and money orientated, rather than the Gospel. Local people were pressured to attend a monthly meeting on a Sunday evening in Glasgow….a 200 miles plus round trip…presumably for indoctrination!! Got the impression of an organisation run by a bunch of ‘spivs’ rather than real ministers of the Gospel. Given this background, I’m not surprised Destiny has hooked up with Creflo Dollar. Organisations such as the Destiny franchise need to be investigated and exposed for what they are. The more Christians are prepared to speak out the better.

  6. I totally agree with David Robertson, the so called prosperity gospel is an abomination and has corrupted and defiled the hearts and minds of so many evangelical Christians in this country – both with Creflo Dollar and also Joyce Meyer. I have met several people recently who whilst being genuine Christians, have totally been hooked by this doctrine that it is God’s will for us to be ‘blessed’. The result is that like gambling on the lottery, we spend our whole Christian lives being fleeced by these false teachers whilst at the same time constantly striving for that which we don’t yet have. The notion of being content with what one has is foreign to such people. The only people who prosper are the false teachers themselves.

    Level headed evangelicals need to come together over the next few months, the enemy is behind this but he need not have the victory. Yes Creflo Dollar may still come but there is a battle going on here in the Heavenly realms. We must pray that his disgusting message is exposed for what it really is. I am not surprised at this as the Bible clearly states that these things will happen in the last days; however we have a duty to warn our fellow Christians of this deception.

  7. Whatever one makes of Creflo Dollar, or of Destiny Church, I am still left concerned by some of the attitudes expressed above. As David Robertson rightly points out, the apostle Paul was not afraid to speak out against wrong teaching, and on a very direct way, but he did so in a way that identified the erroneous teaching and pointed towards what the actual truth was. Using phrases like ‘a bunch of spivs’ and ‘a horrible, horrible church’ is both theologically inarticulate and not on keeping with the approaches Paul used in highlighting the error, but still recognising then as part of the body of Christ (and, lest anyone want to dispute treating those involved as part of the body of Christ, remember that the only church where Paul questioned the salvation of those involved was not the Corinthians with their blatant sin, but rather the Galatians who had not understood grace as the basis of salvation).

    1. Jeff – I agree that we need to be careful about our language, but I don’t agree that we have failed to point out the false teaching. As for being ‘part of the body of Christ’ – I have no idea if Dollar is or not. Your comment re Galatians is spot on. It is the false teaching that really bothers us.

  8. I am rich in Christ Jesus, and a co-heir with Him and God is my inheritance. To add to Him is to diminish Him and His incomparable riches.

  9. So with the world we are fighting for Genesis 1:27, and with the church (or part of it) we are fighting for 2Corinthians 6:10.


    Obviously Ephesians 6,12 comes to mind!

    Tom Goodfellow

  10. Dear David, or should that be oh dear, David? I say oh dear because, in your article on Creflo Dollar, you have written something with which I cannot wholeheartedly agree – and that it unusual. I have been blessed by Creflo’s preaching, on the box and my wife likewise in person at one of Joyce’s (another televangelist) conferences. But then I knew nothing about his wealth or modes of transport. I was aware that he is in the prosperity gospel camp if that is the right term (or blab it and grab it) but that was not the overall thrust of the messages I have heard. The problem with the prosperity teaching is not that it is untrue, just that it is not the (whole) truth. Much of the teaching is Old Testament based and it is hard to deny that in the Old Testament material prosperity was one sign of God’s blessing and approval. Think of Job’s latter days and of Abraham’s vast flocks and herds. Neither Job nor Abraham was fixated on wealth however, with Abraham looking forward to the city whose builder and maker is God, thereby anticipating the altogether different emphasis in the New Testament. My early Christian influence, aside from home and three godly primary school teachers was Baptist, and I have been familiar with the basics of prosperity teaching for most of my life. “You can’t out-give God” or as I recently read, “Don’t worry about giving too much to God – He always gives it back”. So the concepts are not new – just that the Americans, in this as in so much else, are better at marketing than we are and have turned a good concept into a less attractive art form on an industrial scale. I have over the years given gifts to my pastor(s), minor things including paying for holidays but I have never had the resources to fund a Rolls Royce. Perhaps Mr Dollar is in the fortunate position of having parishioners whose means allow him (or her) to fund a roller (not so holy?).
    So for me, the hesitancy in wholeheartedly agreeing with you in this post is the emphasis (after other recent posts I dare not say tone). Could not the message to Mr Dollar be – welcome, preach the gospel, encourage the saints – but leave the begging bowl at home.

    1. Alan, I find your post so so depressing. I can’t believe how many Christians are defending prosperity theology. It seems the rot is in deep. I know you mean well but the naivete is astonishing. Mr dollars message could not be welcome, preach the gospel encourage the saints but leave the begging bowl at home, because the begging bowl is his message. The trouble is not that he preaches the truth, the trouble is that he waters down the truth by mixing it with error and using it to fund his own lifestyle. I am absolutely stunned that you cannot see this. I guess Jesus was not approved by God because he was not materially blessed!

      1. David, I wrote my piece before I read all of the comments and almost regretted posting it after having done so. I do not defend prosperity teaching American style. I merely point out that it is largely Old Testament based. I did mention the difference between that and New Testament blessing. And as for Mr $ we have obviously heard different messages: perhaps if I heard the ones you have heard I would share your view. As to his lifestyle I entirely share your view. He obviously is unaware of that verse about not having the love of God in you if having of this worlds goods and seeing your brother in need you don’t help him. Didn’t bother me too much for the first 40 years of my working life – gives me the willies now though.
        PS Is it OK if I continue to pray for yopu regularly?

  11. Would most people in this country be comfortable with a minister looking for $60 million? – I suspect not! I think the prosperity gospel is harmful and is a self centred gospel, we are called to serve others in humility, not to ask for private jets! God is not a vending machine – you don’t press A5 on the keyboard and get whatever you want!

  12. I write as a minister of the Church of Scotland who is also a partner with Creflo Dollar Ministries. wonder, Mr Robertson, if you have actually listened to Creflo, or read any of his material?

    Like you, I struggled with the idea that God might actually want to see the resources of this world in the hands of His church, so that His church can use those resources to help others, rather than in the hands of unbelieving sports and entertainment megastars, or – worse – those who make ther money trading drugs or weapons. Yet I learned that my prejudices against what is often called the “prosperity gospel” were just that – prejudices, unsupported by scripture. Please check, for example, Proverbs 10.22, Psalm 35.27, 3 John 2, Proverbs 13,22 with Psalm 112,9 speaking of an end-time double wealth transfer,

    To put things into perspective, the main thrust of Creflo’s teaching is not on money but on the overwhelming grace of God and His commitment to the salvation of humanity – see Hebrews 9,12, 1 John 2.2, 1 Timothy 2.4, 2 Peter 3.9 – and the free availability, through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, of God’s blessing for all who will simply receive from Him.

    Also to put things in perspective, Creflo & Taffi pastor churches in New York on Saturdays and Atlanta on Sundays, and there is no Greyhound bus between one and the other over night!! The plane is but a tool of the job, to get the Good News of Jesus out as far and as fast as possible … and inded Creflo & Taffi spread the Word all over the globe. It is no different in principle to the church car that some of us use to get around our rather smaller parishes. And as regards inviting the members to contribute toward the cost, is it really so much more offensive than the appeals of many other churches for money to maintain and repair stained glass windows and such like?

    Whilst I totally respect your right to disagree with Creflo’s teaching, I’m not sure that such intemperate and personalised attacks reflect any great credit on a denomination that, up to now, I have had a high regard for. Also, I think it would be helpful for you to have fuller information on how Creflo Dollar Ministries uses the resources entrusted to it, before making sweeping statements unsupported by balanced evidence.

    I would very much like to send you some of Creflo’s teaching material. Would you be willing to give it a fair hearing in the light of God’s Word?

    1. Alexis – I have written a reply to you as a main blog. One question – are you a Church of Scotland minister or are you married to a Church of Scotland minister?

  13. “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn away from truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head…..” 2Tim, 4:3-4

    “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jer. 17,9

    Many sensible Christian leaders and missionaries throughout the world have spoken of the destructive effects of “prosperity” gospel preaching.

    I am astounded that any sensible Christian can believe the stuff that is pedalled by Dollar and others like him. It really is a case of believing what our selfish hearts want to believe.

    The reason that Dollar and his team need a jet to fly them from church to church, city to city, continent to continent, is that they need to continually raise £££ $$$ in order to feed the beast that they have become.

    LORD have mercy.

  14. Hi
    A bit late to the table, apologies.
    Is anyone intending to attend the event (it is free) to hear 1st hand or possibly protest ?
    I’d like to go but slightly fearful of the doing so alone.
    Inviting those I know isn’t something I’m comfortable doing.

  15. to sum it up the end times has come if you have wisdom use it if you have dicernment use it and if you have a bible by all means use it the trojan horse has opened in all who received it as a gift

  16. I am an American who listened regularly to both Creflo and Joyce for years until I realized they were no longer talking Scripture. It was all garbled nonsense as so many of you point out. What happened when Creflo actually came to Scotland? Curious to know the aftermath.i enjoyed reading the comments. I stumbled on the wee flea when I googled “Creflo Dollar misguided”…lol.

  17. I do not understand why some people have a problem when people of God have great wealth. Church members freely give their money its a choice they make. The word of God must be spread in every corner of the earth before God can fulfill His promise of returning to the earth. What if a plane is needed to get from one country to several remote places in the world. and church members are asked to donate towards this purchase.If these Pastors are not serving God in the right way it is not our job to judge them. God do not want any help in that area He will take care of them when He is good and ready. These TV Preachers/Teachers have caused thousands of souls to know the Lord. God will use whatever means He wants to spread His word. All the people in the bible whom God favors, He blessed abundantly..

    All you people who are criticizing these Ministers are hypocrites. When you go out and buy these brand name things, you willingly take your money and support those CEOs and Presidents purchase of their airplanes, cars diamonds and homes. Many times the products do not do what they are suppose to do but you keep doing it over and over again. I do not hear anyone cussing them out and tell them that they ought to give away there stuff for FREE. The Gospel is FREE but the cost to get it to you is not FREE.

    It takes money to get the GOOD NEWS out there. There is Lighting, Staff, Chairs and Venue just to name a few things these Pastors have to pay for when they have church away from home. What about all these people in need who have benefited from these Evangelist. All those who are having a problem, who are you helping on a continuous basis and if so what or how much is it costing you.

    Personally I think we should leave the TV Preachers alone and make sure that when the word reach every corner of the earth you are ready to meet the Lord. Blessings

    1. Karen – thank you for your comments which I’m afraid miss the point. There are many people in the Bible whom God blessed but who were not wealthy – and there are many warnings about using the Gospel to make oneself rich. Your comparison of the Gospel as some kind of branded product is just wrong. And yes of course Pastors need to be paid and facilities etc….but that does not mean that we need four homes, private jets and numerous cars. I’m afraid that you have been duped by a false teacher.

    2. Ironically, in my own personal experience those who preach against the evils of money usually tend to have plenty of it.

  18. My name is Julian Horsfield. I am a member of the church of England. I wrote to Creflo explaining that I thought that buying a jet would send out the wrong signals, and was, or maybe was a “small mistake”. Is there anyone in Scotland who would not seek to store up riches in heaven? I also said to Mr Dollar that the worker is worth his pay. He has brought thousands, if not millions to Christ, and can any of us say the same? What are a few million at the end of the day? He is a wonderful orator, and has tremendous biblical insights. In my opinion. There are some televangelists who I agree, debase the simplicity of the Christian message. With mewling appeals for money. I have never been aware of any appeals for funds to the general public in his sermons. If a load of wealthy Americans want to club together to buy a plane it’s got to be better than moths flying out when you open your purse. The Lord loves a cheerful giver. Even if we got it wrong. J. Horsfield.

    1. Hi Julian, thanks for getting in touch. How do you know that Creflo dollar has brought thousands if not millions to Christ? The question is not about the amount of money that he has, but his teaching, and his use of the gospel to make money for himself, and to encourage others to do the same. If you have never been aware of any appeals for funds to the general public in his sermons, then you clearly have been missing a great deal! I’m sorry that you seem unable to see the heresy and the harm that Creflo dollar is causing.

  19. Good day to you all. I am a South African and I live in my country. I have been listening to all of you and I truly do not understand what this argument is all about. Why should someone be prevented from preaching, if the man in question is preaching what is not acceptable to God, let God deal with it. If he is preaching what God wants then who are you to stand against God’s will?
    It really doesn’t matter who I am or who you are, all you are engaged with now may just be against the work of God. I would therefore ask that we leave this matter to God.
    Prosperity or not, the man started somewhere and he is going somewhere, let him fulfil his purpose unhindered by any man.
    Yes I would like to see ministers that give than receive but yet the lesser is blessed by the greater.
    May the will of the Lord our God be done. Amen Tebogo C Moroka

    1. But how does God deal with it? He gives us his church and teachers so that we can correct heresy. And there is clear bible teaching about it. Maybe not opposing Creflo is to be against the Word of God.

      1. John 16:8 &13 tells us Who has the duty to convict and guide and that is Holy Spirit. it is Holy Spirit Who will convict Mr Creflo Dollar and not anyone else. i urge you to rather pray for him if you think he is wrong otherwise i will pray for him too and also for those who oppose his works. that is how God deals with matters. it is a spirit that is in you that is telling you to shy away from Creflo,
        Remember some people will be drawn to God by Creflo’s teachings. take note of what is written in Mark 9:39-41 so forbid not those who want to listen to the word of God through Creflo least you find yourselves to be the subjects of verse 42 of the same chapter; the people who go to Creflo goes to him because they want to hear the word of God and they are not concerned about the material things that this discussion seems to be all about. unless the problem here is your fear that you have been teaching people wrong things and you fear Creflo is going to open the people’s eyes through his teachings. let the man teach and do not be against his works.

        i have never attended any of his sermons nor given him a cent but this man has taught me and many people a lot through his DVD’s and i am a deep rooted child of God because of his DVD’s, or maybe i should not even buy them anymore least he buys himself shoes with my money, right?. i will support this man in many ways. he teaches people to exercise faith and he does not claim to heal people and for that i have great respect for him. i repeat, do not be on his way least you find yourselves to be opposing God. you have been warned. I AM TEBOGO C MOROKA….

      2. Tebogo – thanks for your reply but it is a little contradictory and inconsistent. If you believe it is the Holy Spirit who convicts Mr Dollar and no-one else then surely you would apply the same to me? So why then do you write me to convict and correct me? Can you not leave that to the Holy Spirit?

        You are right to say that it is the Spirit in me which tells me to shy away from Creflo! The Holy Spirit.

        I don’t really fear that I have been teaching wrong things – because I believe that I teach the Bible as the Word of God. I am not sure which DVD’s you have been getting but he does claim to heal people…thanks for the warning – although again I am surprised you could not leave that to the Holy Spirit!

    2. I recall him saying that he did not want to be broke when he gets to heaven it was said on one of his sermons. Prosperity Gospel is really dangerous it teaches us to go after money it depicts Jesus as a a pimp and as to what we like to even believe that this is anything to follow people have died in death by loving this Prosperity Gospel I myself got caught up in it until I realized this until I started reading the Bible for myself and it was more than just money Jesus follow him not money not the world not Prosperity follow him give up your things and follow him

  20. i trust that through this engagement we have both realized our imperfections, and that from my weakness you have realized your weakness too. we will then all do the right thing. that is; to pray to God for help because we are all imperfect regardless of the positions we hold.

    in obedience to Holy Spirit, please pardon me. it was not my intention to convict you but if you felt convicted by what i said to you, then surely it is not me who is convicting you. and also as i am asking you to pardon me, it is as a result of the Spirit of God convicting me to do right.

    i thank God for the lesson He gave us through this platform. i believe we will know that conviction as it happened to the both of us is an act of God. i am very happy that no one is condemned through our dialogue because sometimes the things we say may condemn others and that would be very wrong. in conviction we are led to do what is right and acceptable to God. It is my wish that Mr Creflo is not condemned wherever he is.

    May God strengthen and bless us all. Amen

  21. i trust that through this engagement we have both realized our imperfections, and that from my weakness you have realized your weakness too. we will then all do the right thing. that is; to pray to God for help because we are all imperfect regardless of the positions we hold.

    in obedience to Holy Spirit, please pardon me. it was not my intention to convict you but if you felt convicted by what i said to you, then surely it is not me who is convicting you. and also as i am asking you to pardon me, it is as a result of the Spirit of God convicting me to do right.

    i thank God for the lesson He gave us through this platform. i believe we will know that conviction as it happened to the both of us is an act of God. i am very happy that no one is condemned through our dialogue because sometimes the things we say may condemn others and that would be very wrong. in conviction we are led to do what is right and acceptable to God. It is my wish and prayer that Mr Creflo is not condemned wherever he is and that Holy Spirit will assist us all in our imperfections.

    May God strengthen and bless us all. Amen

    1. Nah – sorry….I can’t do the fake humility thing. Not my scene. I don’t feel convicted at all by your post. Sorry. And I don’t need to pardon you as you have not done anything against me. So can’t do that either. And I don’t agree about the condemnation. I’m afraid that Creflo Dollar is a false teacher who should be condemned and not encouraged. He thinks that religion is a way to make money and he brings mockery and blasphemy on the beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ. So sorry – I can’t play that game. I stand by the Word of God. I do of course agree that we are all imperfect and that we all need the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Every blessing….

  22. i am happy to hear that, it is my joy that i did not offend you. however i disagree with your misled judgement that Creflo is a false teacher. and if he is to be condemned, it is surely not for you to be condemning him, you have no authority whatsoever to condemn people. why do you want to assume the authority of God? you have judged Creflo and you have even decided that he must be condemned…who are you?

    Creflo Dollar’s ministry will grow from strength to strength and there is nothing you do or say that will stop that growth. he does not serve you but he serves God. people will hear the true gospel through him whilst you are busy trying to discredit him and discourage people from listening to him. why dont you overcome evil with good? counter his teachings with good teachings not the way you are doing!

    let me tell you this; you have a huge surprise coming your way, people from your area will travel all corners of the world to hear Creflo Dollar anywhere he goes and you will not be able to stop that. you cannot prevent people from hearing a message just because you feel their money will go to Creflo! that’s a wrong mentality. if they choose to give it to him, that’s none of your business unless you think you are entitled to it. there is no ministry that does not encourage people to give money in order for the ministry to grow, in fact all churches should try to own their own mode of transport. start telling your people to contribute for your church to buy a bus. we are called to travel the world and preach the gospel and not to trap people in a church for the rest of their lives without any spiritual growth. go travel the world and teach people, then you will realise the need to get people to help your ministry, then you will realise that a bus will not be suitable for you to travel the world. public transport will surly not be ideal. dont you agree? or have you hardened your heart even to the truth? do not limit your assignment to where you are based, get out of your comfort zone like Creflo does, he leaves his place to be even in Africa to teach. that is a sacrifice he makes. it not a pleasant thing to leave family and friends behind for weeks, but he does it. what good is to accumulate wealth if you wont be there to enjoy it?

    if his ministry needs a Jet, and he gets the money to get it so as to advance the ministry; glory be to God!. but if he needs a jet for his personal use and his ministry gives him money for it, may God have mercy on him. those who contributed for that Jet, will surely be rewarded by God because God saw their hearts. they will give their testimony in no time.

    nothing will stop CREFLO DOLLAR, not even the devil.

    1. Strange isn’t it – that someone who says you should not judge or condemn, judges and condemns! Can’t you see the inconsistency in your own position?

      And yes you are right – I do counter Creflo’s false teachings with good teachings. The teachings of Jesus Christ – who condemned the religious hypocrites and warned about claiming to know him but then using his teachings to make money for yourself.

      All churches should own their own mode of transport?! Wow…I guess that means my church, and most churches I know are not real churches – we don’t own our own modes of transport. Come to think of it neither did any church in the NT!

      Using public transport means I have been hardened to the truth?! Again wow….And you want me to get out of my comfort zone! Maybe I should get of my bike, stop using public transport and get myself a Lear Jet with leather seats so I can be comfortable for Jesus!

      Nothing will stop Creflo Dollar. What a sad faith you have. I believe that nothing will stop Jesus Christ. Creflo Dollar and you and I are largely irrelevant to that!

      1. lets say you are right and that i am wrong. arguments will not take us anywhere. its unfortunate that when we do wrong we never realise it. may God grant us HIS wisdom. AMEN!

  23. to bring divisions among christians is a major works of the devil …. why are we going too far… children of God… . jesus said ‘ do not judge or you too will be judge’… Mtt. 7:1,2…. lets just pray that God’s will b done.

    1. To teach falsehood about Jesus is a major work of the devil. It is the job of pastors to protect the Lord’s people from such false teaching. We are to judge those within the church. We are to pray that God’s will be done – and that will is revealed to us in his Scriptures.

  24. I think this is blasphemous that Glascow does not embrace Dr C Dollar. There are loads of similar churches to Dollars’ in Glascow. Dr W Masocha is one, with his church forcing attendees to pay , on top of tithes and offering , money to build a rain center. I can go on and mention more of these churches that are after enriching themselves only. So, don’t hate rich black Americans televangelists who have made it when you have wannabes in your own Glasgow Scotland. Think about it!

  25. Right is right even if nobody does it, wrong is wrong even if everybody does it. leave him alone because he is doing a marvelous job. also judge not, you will not be judged, condemn not, you will not be condemned. Jesus knows his heart. I always listen to him and his teachings are worth it. He never ever spoke of money. Please remember that the laborer deserves his wages. He also uses it for his ministry elsewhere. Pray for him that he may continue to spread the gospel to people.

    1. Judge not that you will not be judged? Not quite what Jesus said! Creflo Dollar ‘never ever spoke of money’?! Either you have listened to him very little, or you have a hearing problem – or worse a truth problem! Please don’t write nonsense on my blog – and I wish Dollar would spread the gospel…

  26. If your faith in Christianity is sound. Your trust in God is great. Then You do not have to worry about false prophets.
    False preachers. It is written. There is nothing to worry about.

    1. Truisms that don’t really help. We don’t have to worry about false preachers but we do have to warn about them. Unless of course Paul and Jesus were wrong!

  27. I’m no fan of Creflo Dollar (such an ironic name lol) but ppl who criticise him for being a wealthy preacher don’t seem have a problem with the fact that Billy Graham has a net worth of $25m. Just a thought.

    1. Just a thought? not really… Sounds more to me like an accusation. The fact is that Billy Graham is finances are incredibly well audited. But you’re missing the main point – I don’t particularly care whether a preacher is rich or not. What matters is both how he gets his money and the theology he teaches. credit flow dollars prosperity gospel is from the pit of hell.

  28. To agree with the money hungry Creflo $, means you fully agree with his prosperity doctrine and as such deserve full judgement.
    People all around Australia are praying daily for the food and an income, yet we all choose to emoy excuses for our luxuries. To top it up, people are now agreeing with this charlatan??? Repent or God will take your lampstand.

  29. Brothers sisters, we should be spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not finding fault with actions only GOD can judge. Remember, he said if you judge, you’re not a doer of the law, but a judge. And if we judge, GOD cannot. There’s to do for him. Peace.

    1. I’m afraid that that is both a contradictory statement (you are judging whilst telling us not to judge) and ubiblical statement. We are supposed to discern the spirits and to warn against false teachers.

  30. – Is the jet his property?
    – Did you hear yourself hear speak about prosperity gospel?
    – Do you know Mr Dollar view on the prosperity gospel?

    Is so esey to judge with lack of information.

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