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Solas Magazine – Issue 4 – Islam


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  1. Don’t know if it was meant to be part of the promotion of Solas, but following on from the video, there are multiple links to other video “stories”.

    This may not be happening in the Free Church, but there are many in the “visible church” who believe we worship the same god as Islam and if that is within, is it little wonder that those outside misunderstand Islam, its roots and fruits with the accepting, uncritical, hands off approach to what Islam.spokesmen, say their religion is, which is not equally afforded to Christians.

    It is well worth spending some time watching all the links to “David Wood – Interview(s) on Islam,” from the Reformed Apologetics Ministries.They are well presented, in a conversational, unemotional, easy to understand, lecture style, with significant detail. Islam is far from the triune God of Christianity.

    Secularists throughout Europe must be astonished, aggrieved, like a rabbit “caught in the headlights.” as migration brings not only people but beliefs. What is their solution(s), in their worldview of humanity and “one way” tolerance and biased, subjective equality. Is irradication of religion, their base – line answer. Of one religion, like Hitler, or all, something like Stalin. Or is the answer the impossible instant injection of education and integration.

    A Christ- less world is a broken mess.

    For total equality: Maranatha, O come LORD Jesus. Instant transformation indeed.

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