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We have just relaunched the St Peters website – where you can get all the news about St Petes, hear Sinclairs, Dominics and yours truly sermons, and see what is going on.  We hope that this will be a source of encouragement and help for you all.  You can access the site here –

St Peters Free Church Website

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Welcome to the renewed St Peters website….and I hope welcome to a renewed St Peters. I realise that some Christians are used to hearing from their leaders/organisations/churches how ‘God is doing a new thing/working in a mighty way’ etc. and that such talk often without subsequent evidence, can breed a certain degree of cynicism – especially in us ‘canny’ Scots.   But we need to be careful that we don’t become too cynical and canny, and forget to count our blessings. It is often difficult to speak about what is going on in our own congregation because if we talk about the good things that the Lord is doing amongst us, there are people who perceive that as boasting and who look forward to the inevitable fall.   Its so much easier to adopt a Uriah Heep type humility and say how tough/depressing/discouraging/sinful things are, because at least if they become that, we can have the consolation of knowing, in our misery, how right we were all along!

But let me try and share with you my own encouragement.   I am a Scottish Presbyterian minister and I don’t easily say this so please take it seriously. I believe that God is working in our midst. I have been here for almost 24 years and I have never known such an exciting time (both in the local church and in the Free Church as a whole).   If you are new to St Petes – welcome on board!

What evidence are we seeing of God at work? Its maybe better ‘felt than telt’ but let me list the following:

  • He has shown us hard things – that seems kind of contradictory but we know that those whom the Lord loves he disciplines. So there have been some hard providences and some difficult things come to light. But He wounds only to work a deeper healing.
  • People being converted – Not a great amount, but every now and then we hear of new people coming to Christ, through the preaching of the Word and the ministry and prayers of the Lords people. May it just be the beginning.
  • Joy in worship – Sunday is for me the Lords Day – the best day of the week. Where we meet as a covenant community to hear him speak to us, and for us to pray to and praise our triune God. Although there are always things wrong and there are plenty of frustration and tears, in my view there is a real sense of the Lords presence most Sundays and a joy amongst his people. That is priceless and precious.
  • A growing desire to reach the lost – This is not nearly as strong as it should be – but I sense it is growing. There is an increasing burden for Charleston, for the wider city, for our families and friends, and even for our enemies to come and know Christ.
  • Renewal amongst Believers – we are a church that has always attracted Christians who are battered and bruised and who seem to benefit from the healing power of Gods Word and the community of Gods people.   Again this is hard to describe so I will leave it to one of our older, more mature Christians to testify –

    I want to share how I’m beginning to see the might and majesty of Jesus. I’ve longed for this all my life. The first part of Colossians vibrates and pulsates as never before.  I am beginning to see Jesus as never before. Why has it taken so very long? A benefit of old age? I am now beginning to understand why He is your Magnificent Obsession and of so many others. Now He lives in a wonderful new way. But do still pray for you in all you do for the Kingdom. What a debt I owe to St Petes! The Bible is coming alive. I thought I loved it, but this is new! Praise Him!

So if you are new to St Peters, or you are thinking of coming along – welcome!   We are messed up people who live in a messed up world but we have a great Saviour! Let us seek, serve, worship and testify to Him together!

Yours in Christ



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