2 thoughts on “Quantum 47 – Prison Chaplain Rev. Barry Trayhorn | Aid to Africa | Abortion in Scotland | Facebook corporation tax | UKIP | Russell Brand

  1. It is interesting in the light of Brand’s comments and Ecclisiastes to consider Germaine Greer’s comment about Bruce / Catlyn Jenner going through a transition in order to get the kind of limelight enjoyed by female members of the family. Then Elton John talking of Greer doing what she is doing to get attention.

    Charlotte Proudman was described by one journalist as ” little miss look at me”.

    So yes, it is all a chasing of the wind. If we are honest with ourselves the we all like to get a little stroking from Facebook likes, and the feeling of power, security and approval.

    But no real security and power can be had in the approval of any human being.

    It seems Brand gets that as you say. It will be interesting to see what develops with him.

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