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Persuasive Preaching – Parkside Basics Conference 2015

Earlier this year I went to the Parkside Basics Conference in Ohio.  It was a real privilege to share with Alistair Begg and Tim Keller.  I have been thinking a lot (again) about the subject of this talk – persuasive preaching.   I hope it is helpful.

You can get the rest of the talks here – including Tim and Alaister’s excellent expositions.


  1. “I hope I say nothing that offends you”.

    That’s somewhat different to the David Robertson that I heard speak at a CMT meeting talking of when people say he is offensive that even if he is “so what, get over it”.

    A lot of thinking / anxiety about how to be “preaching persuasively” would be saved by simply doing what Paul did – being a Greek to the Greek, Roman to the Romans, Jew to Jews and getting out there among people, your concerns being theirs to the point that the thing that affect them, affect you that you then bring the word of God to, not compromising with it but also with grace.

    Perhaps we would see more interest with belonging in Christian worship and community from outsiders if that were the case.

    The problem with much of Christian culture is talking about it in comfortable and safe Christina environments instead of going out there and doing it with all that entails.

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