Persuasive Preaching

One of the key factors for growth and outreach in the church is what we call Persuasive Preaching….Some people call this apologetic preaching but I don’t think that communicates what we are talking about.  I gave a talk at this at FOCL a while ago.  All of us who are preachers need to think about how we can preach ‘persuasively’…. Here is a short video … Continue reading Persuasive Preaching

Persuasive Preaching – Parkside Basics Conference 2015

Earlier this year I went to the Parkside Basics Conference in Ohio.  It was a real privilege to share with Alistair Begg and Tim Keller.  I have been thinking a lot (again) about the subject of this talk – persuasive preaching.   I hope it is helpful. You can get the rest of the talks here – including Tim and Alaister’s excellent expositions. Continue reading Persuasive Preaching – Parkside Basics Conference 2015