45 Years – A Review – One of the Best British Films Ever Made

This is a film about a marriage of a couple who, as they head towards their 45th anniversary, experience a crisis which causes them to question what it has all been about.  It has been described as ‘one of the best British films ever made’ and I am inclined to agree.

There isn’t much of a plot, and if your idea of a good night at the movies is lots of car chases, sex scenes and knock about comedy, then don’t bother.   But if you love great acting, sensitive and intelligent film making and the opportunity to reflect upon the important things in life then this is a must see.    Especially the acting.  Tom Courtenay is superb as the husband but it is Charlotte Rampling who gives a master class.  Watching the two of them together is profoundly moving and intimate (in the best way).

I think what I loved about this film most was the way that the director, Andrew Haigh, does not go for the big scenes or dramatic gestures, but instead tells the story through the little details.  Geoff (the husband) wonders about his life choices and Kate wonders about the foundations of their marriage.   This is a film about marriage, memory and how we construct  and reflect upon our lives.

From a Christian perspective it made me think again about what is real and unreal in our lives.  What is fake?  What is forever?  Ultimately without Christ, and the communion with God he brings, I wonder if the lesson is ultimately that nothing can really last forever.

Wonderful film….go and see it!  I now have a new thing on my bucket list…..I would love to interview Charlotte Rampling!


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