4 thoughts on “Janet Parshall Show – Can we be Good Without God?

  1. Great points about the use if the word “discriminate” in positive sense and without God there being no morality as opposed to everyone having their own “truth value” and the wrong coming from another source with “might is right” being hell on earth. Getting our morality from TV chat shows.

    “I am a sinner”. I remain to have a problem with this and statements like that which I struggle with. To my understanding the word of God talks about the so called righteous and sinners. I would have without question in previous years ought into the believe that we are all identified as sinners by the word of God. However I question now whether that had been social programming from my church experiences.

    Could it be that in our distress about sin that we have neglected the righteous? Aren’t we all part righteous and part sinner? Seems similar to what you are saying about there being good and bad in all of us but I’m not sure I could go all the way with you and say we are all basically sinners? I don’t think I’m being “liberal” or unbiblical but I understand there may be some who have difficulty with what I have expressed.

    Though yes of course we know the work teaches that we are all fallen, no-one is without need of grace, salvation and good news of the Gospel and it being the power of God.

    Great point also about science being neutral and reciprocal altruism and how you treat people and giving millions of dollars vs the “widow’s might”.

    “Fairies leprechauns” as a comparison with belief in God – yup typical mocking by Dawkins – no surprise there. No evidence of his assertion that the world would better without God – so then his belief is as valid as someone’s belief in fairies then using his argument.

    Brandon with what he said was harmful and comparison with the Kinsey report. Great question about what is harm is good and what is bad e.g. an injection by a dentist. With the taking away God and replacing with an absolutist state being hell on earth. Not wanting to hold people to your standards because sometimes you get things wrong – another great point.


  2. We have evolved morals. It seems obvious to me that a society tends towards positive behaviour will last longer, over time, than a one that has negative behaviour. There were moral positions taken by humanity before any of the religions we see today. We are animals with an evolved sense of morality. Some of it works and some of it doesn’t. And as you note, religion really doesn’t come into it (good athiests/bad christians etc.)

    This is a quick video demonstrating morals in the animal kingdom. If they have evolved in those animals, why not us as humans?


    1. Douglas – that’s interesting about what you propose with “evolved morals”, us being “animals” and “moral positions” having happened before any of the religions. In the case of the latter, of these, do you have any evidence to support what you are proposing?


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