Quantum of Solas | Podcast 37

Quantum 37 - Islamic Eschatology

The latest episode of Quantum of Solas is now available on iTunes or here, on the Solas CPC web site.

Gordon MacDonald and Al Smith discuss:

  • Turkey -vs- ISIS -vs- The Kurds
  • Amnesty International: Prostitution is a human right
  • Katie Hopkins’ euthanasia vans
  • Calais migrants.

2 thoughts on “Quantum of Solas | Podcast 37

  1. Whether the discussion was on Turkey, prostitution, or immigration, this is the first program I’ve heard where conservative voices were not just echoing the concerns of those on the Left, but looking at the solutions from a similar perspective.

    This might not seem true especially regarding the piece on Amnesty International and prostitution because many on the Left see the sex industry as a matter of freedom. But there are voices on the Left that have condemned that position and who favor the solution suggested in this program that we criminalize the purchase of sex rather than the selling of it.


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