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Why Hillary Clinton as President of the USA would be bad for the rest of the World

This is a short clip from our latest Quantum of Solas, on Hillary Clinton.


  1. Given the woman’s track record as Secretary of State, I doubt if the USA’s Christians could count on Clinton to take a global stand to protect their brothers and sisters in Christ from further Islamist persecution.

    Beyond the pale on abortion and same sex marriage.

    Despite her 1 billion dollar war chest, I’m not so sure that the result of the next presidential election will be a foregone conclusion……….like the Scots, many Americans also want change.

  2. I am glad Elliot mentioned that about protection for Christians from persecution. When I hear of systematic beheadings and churches being bombed, women being raped and people driven from their homes, that is an important factor for me on how I use my vote.

    You problem David with Clinton is with her stance on abortion. Where this is an important consideration on who to support, it’s not as if women throughout the world are systematically killing their unborn children. The pregnancy crisis centre in Glasgow is beside women in what they go through in whatever choice they make in this regard. That I believe is an appropriate Christian approach to this heated issue of abortion, especially for man who will never know what it is like for a woman to face what often is an agonising choice.

  3. Oh, the arrogance. First David claims he’s a Bible expert, then an expert on Hitler, then he comments on biology, then on physics, then he tells us the “truth” about anthropology, then he teaches us about Genetic theory, then he schools us on Logic, then on scottish politics and now American politics,,,

    all with his two year degree in history…

    Come on people, can’t you see a con artist a mile away?

    1. Thanks Brent…actually I’m not sure I have claimed that I am an expert on anything….there is a difference between commenting and claiming you are an expert! Just for the record I do like to get facts right and am always open to correction. I have a four year MA in history from the University of Edinburgh, and a three year post graduate diploma in theology from Edinburgh Theological Seminary….I accept that my uncompleted PhD in Edinburgh does not count! BUt I’ll do you a deal….you are only allowed to comment on any subject on this blog if you have a University degree in it! Is that not fair? Asking you to abide by your own standards?

      1. I abide to my standards: that I talk about the issue without claiming to know the right position in areas I am not an expert, but look to the experts CONSENSUS and assume they are closer to right than I, as a lay person, am.

        Surely you must realize that experts have different opinions, yet you seem to write from the authority that “your” experts are the only ones that matter. That is propagandizing and apologetics. I think it’s fair to call you on it.
        I get it’s your blog and you could write all the opinions you want. But, as long as you are allowing others to opine, I’ll take the opportunity.

        After all, what I could do is tell you you are wrong and then offer a polarizing view – but to what end?

        Why not raise the standard of discourse (since you are trying to influence people to act a certain way in “our” society) and offer the variety of informed views that can allow people to think for themselves?

        Your MA in history and your Theology studies doesn’t make you an expert in those fields, but especially in other fields.

        My standard, BTW, is based on this basic question: Who is better to know the facts about some issue, a non-expert or the consensus of experts in the field?

        I go for the latter. You seem to go to yourself for authority.

      2. Strange – in your many posts you hardly ever quote or cite any ‘experts’….its just your own prejudices and rants…if you wish to raise the standard of discourse why not restrict yourself to only posting when you have some actual facts to tell us? (And feel free to cite your experts). Given this is your self-professed standard – should I do you a favour and not permit you to post anything which goes contrary to your own standards?!

  4. Probably agree but just waiting for the sequel: “6 reasons why Nicola Sturgeon would be bad for Scotland, the United Kingdom and the Rest of the World”

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