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Quantum of Solas 26 – Hillary Clinton, American Pie. Prove God, Libya, Kill the Christians, , Vinyl, Louis Theroux

Al Smith has done a superb production job on this weeks Quantum.  We cover a lot –    Hillary for America | American Pie | Question of Faith: Prove God exists | Libya | Kill the Christians | Syrian girl “surrenders” | Louis Theroux Transgender Kids | Call for churches to lose tax status for not being pro-homosexual | 3000 laws per year | Vinyl resurrected | Gary v Loki


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  1. We in the USA are blocked on videos which are only available to BBC “locals.”
    Hate to be missing them….

  2. I will be interested to see where you go on the transgender issue. Given that there have been many recorded instances across the world (and well before any “westernisation”) of people rejecting their birth gender for over a thousand years, if not longer.

    Given that it is a complex balance of hormones during pregnancy that determine our outward gender at birth can it be any surprise that sometimes the balance is not quite right and issues of self-identity occur. Telling someone that they have to be male or female as that is what they look like is certainly an interesting approach to a very complex issue whereas acceptance of the very complicated network structure that is our brains being responsible for gender identity is important.

    As for children being transgender – I dont see why not. If a child says they believe in God do you accept what they are saying? Why is that different from a child saying they dont feel the same as other children?

    1. Hi DOuglas….I am going to do some more reading and thinking on this. There have always been ‘eunuchs’ but the normalisation of transgender is worrying as is the sudden take up of it as the latest liberal cause celebre. The brainwashing and manipulation of children according to adults who want to show how ‘liberal’ they are and encourage transgender is deeply disturbing. The harm and devastation this could cause is untold…

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