The Dark Horse – A Film about Chess and Mental Health and Maori Bikers…Superb!

Who would like a film about a chess player with mental health problems?  A chess player married to a senior mental health officer?   I guess that partly explains why yours truly loved this film.  But that would only be partly the reason.

The Dark Horse, is a New Zealand film, which tells the true story of Genesis Potini, a little known New Zealand hero and chess champion.   It tells of his struggle against his own mental illness and his attempts to help poor Maori teenagers through teaching them to play chess.   It is a powerful film, emotional whilst avoiding too many emotional cliches.  The scenes with the biker gang are powerful and painful.  Cliff Curtis is brilliant in the main role, and he is ably backed up by the rest of the cast.   There is much in this film to be thankful for, and much think about.   From a Christian perspective it demonstrates clearly that we live in a fallen and broken world, in which there is also great beauty.  The image of God in humanity remains.  Of course we know that our purpose and redemption is not in chess, great though that is, but rather in and through Christ.  Who is going to teach our broken teenagers about the healing that comes through Him?

If you are a chess player, a mental health worker, a worker with teenagers, a Maori or just a human being who is interested in humanity, then go see this film.  A must….

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  1. Hi David,
    This comment is regarding the Islamaphobia post from around 8/4/2015.
    i am so surprised that you are emotionally upset with the church’s reaction to your comment’s.
    I have already mentioned this that I write below to you.

    John the baptist could not please them with abstinence, Jesus Christ could not please them by participation. What on earth makes you, David Robertson think your going to make it.
    The time will come when many will not put up with sound doctrine – yet want their ears tickled.

    Thank you David for not getting the feather duster out and tickling the masses.

    Look at those like Richard Wurmbrand. Honestly how many of us would survive living in a dungeon getting out teeth kicked out and beaten year after year like that.
    Get up David, shake of the dust and keep fighting the good fight of faith, it’s what you are called to do brother, whether you are supported or not makes no difference.

    I have decided to follow Jesus – No turning back no turning back – that means even if you feel alone.
    Keep your eyes on the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and forget about saints who will not fight with you but only oppose you.
    In Christ, for His Glory and His Glory alone.
    From Carmelo in Western Australia

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