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How Christians Could Respond to Government Sex Education Guidelines

This is my latest article on Christian Today – Its in line with an earlier article I wrote and basically suggests that we should ‘spoil the Egyptians’!


  1. Hi David,
    Excellent article re new govt. guidance on sex education. I agree 100% with your assertion that as born again Bible-believing Christians: ‘We are activists (or at least we should be). We don’t just stand and shout at the darkness. We get our hands dirty. We get involved. We should look for what we can work with and what we can actually do, without compromising our Christian witness.’
    From where I stand, this is an excellent aspiration. Sadly however, most Christian leaders in Scotland’s villages, towns and cities seem to spend their time running away from any kind of activism.
    The real challenge is to move Christians in every locality from the ‘bunker’ mentality, to active interest, engagement and real activism in the normal range of institutions and issues affecting society.
    Jesus dealt with real issues in the public square….Christians leaders and those who follow need to do the same in order to have any credibility in 21st century Scotland.

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