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Swinging for Jesus? The Prostitution of Faith –

‘Swinging for Jesus’ – A Christian ‘erotic’ writer – these are not parodies but the reality of what is going on under the guise of ‘faith’ and Christianity today. Having read a couple of these in the Christian press in the past few days I decided to write the following article on my Christian Today column. Enjoy…


  1. Yes, totally – the racism, casual sex in the name of Jesus akin to “flirty fishing” – crazy stuff.
    I agree – I’d rather speak with someone who is aware whether it be of their addiction or something else and know that they need something other than themselves. It’s been a privilege to pray for someone and the break down in barriers to be had when sharing although I have never been addicted to drugs of alcohol, I have been an adrenaline junkie and could easily go back to being like that if it were not for the peace, contentment and fulfillment to be found in Jesus.

    I’m quite glad you are not taking up natrusim David – I don’t quite like thought of seeing you naked either *wink*.

  2. “What is even more astonishing is that there are Christians who are so biblically illiterate, emotionally bullied and culturally ignorant that they actually buy into these stories.”

    Yes. But even more astonishing is that there are Christian “leaders” who publish stories like these.

    “We have been mixed together too long.”

    Does that mean you’ll not be writing for Christian Today any longer, or are you going to stay “mixed together with those who think it is ok to publish this rubbish under the heading “Christian”? These articles contain heresy of the first order, and the most they could bring themselves to say about Farrah Abraham was that she was unconventional. You don’t need these people, we serve a sovereign God. But they need the credibility you bring them, and having your byline on a site that publishes this stuff drags down you, your church, and (if it were possible) our Lord.

    If (as Spurgeon said and you quoted) it is time to divide, and Christian Today won’t make that division, shouldn’t you?

    1. Jon, there is just no pleasing some people. I manage to get an article on Christian Today voicing your complaints and yet you now complain that I even get the article on!

      1. By no means, David! You wrote a superb article. I’m objecting to the people who ran those articles you critiqued, not you! 🙂 But why would you want to associate with them and lend them your credibility? Isn’t it time for a division?

      2. I follow Spurgeons position – I would preach in the Vatican if they let me! I don’t just preach or write in places where they already agree with me – that would be a strange way to communicate the gospel!

      3. Ah! You are evangelising Christian Today! I didn’t realise that. 🙂

        Seriously, David, you wrote a very good article and I appreciated it. It’s just I’m surprised you would still write there, at least if they keep running such trash. The Spurgeon quote in your article was excellent and apropos. A person who calls swingers “devout Christians” (as their article did) is either in the wrong camp or acting as if they are. I’d certainly hope to evangelise the person who wrote it, but I can’t see how the Scriptures tell us to join with them in anything called Christian.

        But I’m not you and you aren’t me, for which lots of people are undoubtedly thankful! We’ll each stand before the Lord on these decisions. Thank you for posting and answering my comments, and may the Lord direct and bless your ministry with all spiritual blessings in Christ.

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