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Victoria Osteen – Three Lessons for the Church

The Osteens are the most popular and powerful ‘pastors’ in the US….recently Victoria came out with a statement that illustrated just how far from spiritual reality their movement has gone. I think there are some lessons for the wider church and have written about it in my Christian Today column here –

You can also see the original video here –


  1. I know you disagree with her comments, but does your God? How do you know?
    You can’t.

    So, you are both the same, cut from the same cloth: speaking your mind and declaring it more Godly than the other.


  2. I totally agree that the clip you share is a worrying trend. It’s so easy to take a truth (such as God caring for us and loving us) and take it a few steps too far (such as God’s primary goal is our happiness).

  3. Another example of the all too familiar experience of false preachers. The sad bit is that Paul’s letter to the Romans regarding the renewal of the mind was diluted not from ” the world” but right from the pulpit.

    We seem stuck in a vicious spin because we have by our own ways reduced God to a one-way designer who isn’t creative at all! The gospel did not defend itself and outsiders weakened it. Now it is being destroyed from within! People like Vicki Beeching comes to mind.

    Isaiah was right a remnant must return!

    The church needs one of God’s remnants.

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