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Its Grim up North!

Some reflections on this weeks visit to Bolton – which I loved. The Calvinist met the charismatics – and we had a great time in Christ and his Word.    I sensed that God is clearly at work – a great example of what our poor benighted country needs….as always comments appreciated.





  1. Good to read of positive things happening with some faithful to the gospel and others receptive to it.

    Well yes about compartmentalising. I guess the temptation for all of us is to indulge our passions. Great to have passions for particular things but not be ruled by them? Perhaps that’s not dissimilar what the apostle Paul was talking of with setting hearts and minds where Christ is with kindness, compassion, humility gentleness and patience, bearing with one another, and the peace of Christ ruling in people’s hearts (Col 3: 1- 15).

  2. David, your thoughts on the compartmentalising of the church are deep. I for one was awakened by it. I sat down thinking to myself whether this could be the reason why the church finds itself where it is today. When the body of Christ is compartmentalised I guess it leads to a methodical dismembering of the Church itself. But social pressures and ism sometimes results in churches using “spiritual vision” as an excuse to weaken the cause of Christianity.

    I agree one hundred percent with you because when Christ came he came that all aspects of our lives may receive the word and be liberated. A critical appraisal is needed to address why it is the norm for churches to select which aspect of Christianity they prefer to teach.

    Keep up the great work

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