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All Revved up – Why The BBC’s Rev parody is sadly accurate about much of the Church in the UK today

The BBC have a hit comedy ‘Rev’ about a vicar in an inner city London church.  It has had rave reviews – and as usual, lots of Christians and media people have gone on about how wonderful it is, and what an opportunity it is….here is my summary of that from Christian Today – let me know what you think….I would advise reading the Guardian link from James Mumford as well…



  1. Absolutely brilliant article (on ‘Rev’), David, as always. Has no-one else noticed you have in fact morphed into the modern-day evangelical church’s very own and much needed answer to the greatly missed Jim Taggart, who once famously growled – in response to the umpteenth invitation of the day by a rent-a-smile American to “Have a nice day!” – “No, I’ve got other plans”. If ever a social group were crying out for a good growl it’s today’s liberal, metropolitan elite and their effete and useless batman, the ‘liberal church’.

  2. Well my thought is, there is something common with what you write David, with what the principle of the soon to be demised Evangelical International Christian College principle Richard Tiplady expresses “existing forms of Christian worship do not attract outsiders (and may even repel them).” ‘The Pilgrim Church Needs a New Home’ p 145 in R Dowsett (ed.) Global Mission Pasadena: William Carey Library

    So yourself, and Richard, two brothers in the lord in leading positions in the evangelical church in Scotland saying things that are not dissimilar.

    So what is to be done? Time perhaps to stop pointing fingers at the “liberal church” or at “evangelical fundamentalism” and repent from what you have previously called “stupid games” and return to the “God of the bible” as you have called for, for all “fellow evangelicals” included David?

    On a previous occasion I have expressed that if the church is so caught up in this then what alternative does Christ have than to work independently of the church? I’ve take your point David of Chris working thought the church and have given that my consideration and if there have been any need for me to think differently on this as a result. However I come to the same conclusion. And here’s why.

    Anyone with a little bible knowledge knows that Christ at times not only was hindered in what he could do in the then “church” the synagogue but on one occasion was actively opposed and an attempt made on his life for what he was trying to do there by throwing him off a cliff! Later with Paul’s pastoral letters to the church there was all kinds of manner of things going on that were “sadly accurate”. As the French say, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

    Of course the opposite was also true and there were churches that were thriving that Paul took delight in and times for Jesus with his fellow Jews where he was delighted with what the had done. To some he will say “well done good and faithful servant”. And my guess, my perception is that the same is true for churches and people who represent the church, brothers, sisters in Christ today. It’s not something we read about in the press or so much in social media tho is it?

  3. Reblogged this on Dreamkid and commented:
    Good honest post which articulates the continuation of the tradition of portraying the clergy on tele as well-meaning buffoons ever since All Gas And Gaiters in the 60s, and some home truths about the church in the UK.
    But it is a comedy programme after all.

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