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Magnificent Obsession – the video

This is a short video we recorded at the Crieff Fellowship earlier this year – reflecting on how, in the midst of all the troubles we need to communicate Christ…


  1. No disagreement on that, but how?

    If communicating the gospel to a woman in a pub is done in a way that makes the gospel inaccessible for her, or to a congregation member that through fear results in him having a nervous breakdown, then it’s made Jesus seem unattractive and repulsive.

    Creative people always get up the noses of people who are comfortable with systems and structures, but it seems to me that creativity is what needs to be embraced by the church however uncomfortable it is for some.

    In my view, some parts of the church will need to die out and other parts of it to be broken then built up in Christ – likeness if this is to be achieved.

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