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Firefox fails the Tolerance Test

My latest article on Christian Today looks at the sad case of Mozilla and the intolerance of the new’ ‘liberals’…they said that once SSM arrived it would all be over, the world would be filled with peace, love and tolerance.  They were wrong….



  1. That’s an interesting article. And it is an important point raised about tolerance etc. I agree.

    Tolerance must mean not discriminating against a view that is expressed but there must be equality and inclusiveness to views that are not discriminative to other’s views. However who determines what is tolerance what is equality etc inevitably are those in positions of power.

    In a Christian country, those in power are Christians. As the UK has and is becoming less Christian and more secular, the power is with the secularists and with syncrotising liberalism. Secularists talk about freedom of faith and freedom from faith and equality of belief and unbelief whilst welcoming the removal of religious elements from RO in schools. Synchrotising liberals talk of justice and equality, but without forgiveness, pursuit of justice is retribution. Retribution is stupid, abusive and only compounds a problem.

    And yet I agree with you David, and find myself in the same position as you with not longer calling myself an evangelical. I have no interest in that particular genre of churchmanship that claims it is propagating the “word of God” whilst what it is doing is its interpretation of the word of God that results in insensitive triumphalism and sectarianism.

    No human system or structure provides real security.

    In the midst of all this pretentiousness an stupidity the word of God remains and in that and in Jesus is real power, perfect love ant the security that comes from sure hope and life in the fullest. I am not ashamed to assert this.

  2. “Because six years ago he committed the unpardonable sin against the Holy State – he donated $1,000 to a campaign that sought to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.
    That’s it. ” Liked the article. It may have been way more effective to describe how this brother stood his ground over the six years and continued to demonstrate the truth in love in the face of such opposition. Then we would have an article about a hero of the Faith and not another observation concerning the double standard of society.

    1. Indeed – but it would have been dishonest. I was commenting on the public information. I have no idea if the CEO is a brother or what his stance on his faith has been over the past few years, therefore I could not comment on it…

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