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Look with Luke 19 – The Womb Dancer

Ch.1 v.39-41 – Mary visits Elizabeth and baby John responds in the womb….more than a clump of cells?

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Look with Luke 18 – The Willing Servant


  1. NHS website’s ‘Dating Scan’ is a fabulous resource. The infant body, swimming in dark amniotic fluid, with the mother’s womb wall of muscle (middle-shade grey) visible, has to be an image the Christmas Church should use. Black and white, it runs well even on newsprint, and tells a story the world needs to hear-see-grasp. Would someone, somewhere, try to use it with a scale, and with a coin or common object, to set the context? Might some churches or cathedrals be angered, if a gay bar or night club opened next door? And has homophobia frequently been ‘an acceptable sin’ in the Church? Yet would many congregations ignore an abortion centre in an adjacent building? “So clean, so nice” was an advertising slogan. Are too many evangelical Churches apathetic on abortion, as long as it stays silently hidden?

    1. The ‘Womb Dancer’ is a beautiful description of the most precious gift the Lord has given to us humans. The enemy of our souls hates us and the destruction of the unborn by abortion is his plan to eliminate this new life as he uses vulnerable women, and mothers on the abortion front lines screaming ‘My body, my Choice’ They shout the loudest for many reasons, their guilt, their shame, and persuading others to abort helps them deny the horror of the death of the child they rejected. The death of two children by abortion brought me to the place of the prodigal and to the extravagant love and forgiveness of my Heavenly Father. As yet I don’t believe ‘The Church’, has found a way to talk about the sin of abortion within the context of what is happening outside their walls or the love of God for those involved, there is a broad reach of victims, the fathers, the wider family and society itself. Thank you for your Godly wisdom David, I have been blessed on many occasions as you broaden my understanding of being a Christian in our sin sick world!

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