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Look with Luke 17 – The Holy Spirit Pregnancy

Luke 1:34-37 – Mary asks the Angel the obvious question – or is it? And receives an astounding answer…..

Also available as audio on the ASK podcast 

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  1. The Holy Spirit Pregnancy.
    For OT Scripture to be fulfilled the Holy Spirit would have to implant Mary with the seed of David or God’s covenants with both David and Abraham were annulled.
    These covenants were unconditional and God can not be unfaithful to his word.
    Only Joseph could fulfill the covenant promises. Why include him in the genealogies if he is not the natural father of Jesus? The synoptic gospels call him the son of Joseph frequently. Paul the apostle new nothing of a virgin birth.
    “ Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David. This is my gospel for which I am in chains “ 2 Tim 2:8.
    For Paul it was the descent from David that authenticated Jesus messiahship!
    To God be the glory great things he has done!

    1. Joseph was the adoptive father of Jesus. That is why he is included in the gospels. And you do not know that Paul knew nothing of the Virgin birth. Given that Luke speaks of the Virgin birth, and Paul was his constant companion your thesis is highly unlikely. For Paul it is of the essence of the Christian faith that Christ is God. To deny the Trinity is to deny the Gospel…

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