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Coffee and Colossians 121 – Nympha’s House Church

Colossians 4:15 – Who was Nympha and what is the significance of the Church meeting at her house?

Also on the ASK podcast here

Coffee and Colossians 120 – Dr Luke and Demas


  1. There is another reason why home church and home fellowship is likely to become a key feature of the modern Christian faith – the appalling apostasy that is manifest in all the main stream denominations today. Many of us refuse to entertain the shocking changing of doctrine and the turning away from God’s Word that the modern church is actively engaged in.

    How can one attend, let alone worship with, a church that no longer believes in the ultimate authority of scripture or that the God of the Bible actually exists?

  2. Tried cold brewing coffee for 24 hours, then filtering it, and then serving it with added ice?

    An attic prayer room can be a super place for a small group meet up midweek. Just a pity more churches do not have them. Coffee and cafe spaces are good, too, if the church architect has included them. Not sure about meeting in bars and having an optional pint, but some groups do try that. Lots of people now love a quiet Sunday and to have midweek fellowship.

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