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The Sunday Catechism 16 – Did all People fall in Adam’s Sin?

How does Adam’s sin affect us today? Why should I be judged because Adam and Eve ate the fruit?

Sunday Catechism 15 – What was the Original Sin?



  1. Of course . The reason I am guilt – laden is because the cruci (fiction ) of Jesus was all my 20th Century fault .

      1. My fear of being dead is non – existent , as was my pre – conception fear of being alive.

      2. Sounds like your conscience has been deadened! And it seems to have damaged your intelligence as well! You didn’t exist before conception so of course you had no feelings. You do exist before death!

  2. Genesis 5:1-3. God created man, male and female, in “the likeness of God”, sinless.
    Adam had a son, Seth, “in his own likeness, in his image”, sinful.

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