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Coffee and Colossians 106 – Masters

Colossians 4:1 – Why does Paul give instructions to slave masters? Is there anything we can learn about it?

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Coffee and Colossians 105 – Favouritism


  1. It’s not exactly slavery, but is there sometimes blind subservience in certain churches with members not being informed about the bigger financial picture? Church Times has a back page interview this week. It references pension funds for Episcopal Church in the USA and the Church of England. Both invest in or own billions of pounds of assets allegedly. £18.4 billion in USA is the figure referenced. CoE figure mentioned is £3 billion. I think we need to ask if “the diocesan share” in Anglicanism is sometimes very much less transparent than it might be. It’s easy for members to feel duped by the way money is sometimes handled in bigger denominations. I used to hear older Anglicans complain about this and think they were paranoid old toads. Not so sure any more, or else I am easing into that toad subset…..

  2. It is not easy for Christian institutions to allocate their funds to investment management companies ( Blackrock et al ) without running into the latter day successors of those moneylenders whom Jesus whipped out of the temple.

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