Coffee and Colossians 92 – The Peace of Christ

Colossians 3:15 – In the first of three messages on how we are to conduct ourselves, especially as the Church, Paul talks about the necessity of peace – and of thankfulness.

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The beautiful location of Loch Ard



  1. Thanks! Interesting re:- disputes in the Church and the need to follow Matthew 18 directions. So often we have seen justice inverted and innocent people (or witnesses to abuse) vilified, while perpetrators of misconduct are protected. I used to be desperately sad at the state of UK Anglicanism, and the physical reminders of this in the form of abandoned building. But maybe ideas have consequences and abuse concealment simply comes at a cost? Chapter 5 of Letters to a Broken Church is only 4-5 pages long, but what an honest analysis of the problem and the remedy not being grasped……

  2. Lovely exposition David, on the Peace of Christ and well thought through and delivered as always,,,
    In the event that you are still in the locale of the Trossachs, then you are very welcome to avail of a night at the Lake of Menteith Hotel, as I have a couple of nights still to use under the annual deal.., apparently Scotland’s only Lake..!

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