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Coffee and Colossians 87 – Putting on the New Self – the Ultimate Makeover

Colossians 3:9-10 – What does it mean to put on the new self? How does that deal with lying….filmed in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.


Also on the ASK Podcast here 

Coffee and Colossians 86 – Forsaking Lies


  1. The thundering jets we have going over us here in Oxfordshire are the many flights coming into Brize Norton! Thank you for an ever-appropriate and timely challenge: Putting on the new self! I note, in respect of the new self, that the text here distinguishes two actants: 1) a process of being renewed “in knowledge” and 2) a process of being “renewed . . . in the image of the Creator.” I find that second clause especially reasuring in the sense that the hand of the Creator is active in the recreation of the new self in each of us as it was in Gen.1&2 . . . especially Gen.2 which is a very hands-on picture of God’s creation. Memo to self: put-off the old and trust God’s craftmanship of the new.

  2. I always thought the line that put everything in context in “Lying Eyes” is ” every form of refuge has its price. ”
    The subject of the song appears to have settled for a safe but loveless relationship and is paying the price.
    Many of us seek refuge in earthly pursuits and will continue to pay the price.
    Of course the one form of refuge which has no price is in Jesus. The price has already been paid.

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