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Coffee and Colossians 66 – Buried and Raised with Christ

Colossians 2:12 – Buried with Christ in Baptism and then raised with him. What a deep connection there is between Christ and the believer!

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Coffee and Colossians 65 – The Circumcision of Christ


  1. I guess the question about circumcision, in the original OT form, is what it achieved and its cruelty (or necessity), at a time before anaesthetics and sterile scalpels. However, modern sceptics who throw these arguments up, may display some element of hypocrisy. SCOTTISH COUNCIL ON HUMAN BIOETHICS website has a Videos section and a wonderful 30 mins lecture by Dr Latham. Is the mortality or morbidity with genital surgery in transitioning children a problem, too?

  2. Do you think there is any connection to Calvin’s predestination ideas to this predestination because we, as believers, are in Christ and can claim our destiny for eternity? I haven’t studied Calvin but came to know the Lord in a Brethren church, so I heard it mentioned from time to time and struggled with the concept.

    1. Predestination is taught by Christ and by Paul….Calvin took his teaching from that – and also Augustine…. And yes predestination does lead to eternal security….Christ will never let us go!

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