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Sunday Catechism 5 – How Many Gods Are There?

This weeks question asks the simple, and often misunderstood question, how many gods are there? With music from Maureen Macleod and Emu music.

Sunday Catechism 4. – What is God?



  1. India was “The Jewel in the Crown” of Empire .

    The much – hoped conversion of Indians to Christianity may be deemed a failure .

    This may be due to Missionary insistence upon the non – existence of the Hindus’ extensive pantheon of deities.

    The Prophet Mohammed employed enviable subtlety when he told his prospective converts , ” Your gods are not dead , but only one God is worthy of worship “; so the Pagan – venerated Rock, Kaaba, remains a focal point of Muslim pilgrims’ praise to Allah.

    1. There are over 25 million Christians in India – it’s the third largest religion – hardly a failure….I have seen lots of Indian Christians here in Australia/

      1. Many of India’s Christians are pre – Colonial Mission types such as the ancient Syrian Church members .

        Interestingly , Keralans are a relatively well – educated group and Christianity deserves some credit for this situation . There are also many Communist ex – Christians in Kerala thanks to Christian educative efforts in raising literacy rates.

  2. The Lead pastor of our 6 campuses is from Scotland. Two weeks ago he mentioned The Illustrated Westminster Shorter Catechism in his sermon. So I ordered mine from My copy came last week. I can review each week, now.

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