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Coffee and Colossians 40 – What is lacking in Christ’s Suffering?

Colossians 1:24 – What is lacking in regards to Christ’s afflictions? Why does Paul say he fills that up? It’s all to do with the body!

Coffee and Colossians 39 – Rejoicing in Suffering



  1. Thank you David for your ongoing coffee and Colossians and related blogs. First class. Praying for your full recovery from the lurgy.

  2. Hello really enjoying going through Colossians, enjoyed Job, and Revelation as wel!. May I suggest you get some vitamin D3 and some vitamin C, also zinc as I think your immune system needs help.

  3. Thank you, David. Praying you will get better soon! Also endorse Elizabeth’s suggestions…

  4. Our minister is taking a lot of the “bullet for Jesus” at the moment. Your commenting here is helping me work through some ways to encourage him. Now on a less worthy note: Er Lemsip . . . on your shelf there’s a wee dram?? Actually I am convinced the NHS’s problems would all be solved if were put on a steady, daily, dram of single malt. Do get well soon – I’ve had some serious back / siatic nerve problems in my time, painful but nothing compared to the misery of flu!

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