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Coffee and Colossians 26 – The Image of the Invisible God

Colossians 1:15 – How can we know God? If Christ is the image does that mean he is just a fake copy? What does being the image of the invisible God mean? And why is it important to us?



  1. Thank you as usual, David. It is interesting that King Charles chose this reading for his coronation reading! I pray that he understands it himself.

  2. Hi David…I spoke a while ago on this passage, Col. 1. 15-18 and found somewhere these headings.
    To the Father, Christ is the revealer.
    To the universe, Christ is the creator, and,
    To the Church, Christ is the head..
    Thank you for your daily opening of God’s word.

  3. Odd how the UK PM (a Hindu who allegedly keeps an idol of Ganesh on his work desk) was given the Col 1 reading for the coronation. Was asking him to recite the Apostle’s Creed effectively-or the nearest and clearest bit of it in the NT-at a major CoE service weird: disrespecting the PM and bible believers, plus millions of honest and uncertain observers?

  4. Of all the emails that have come in between I last checked in the evening to when I check the following morning, your Coffee teachings are the first and only one I open and listen to before my time in the Bible with my coffee. I love your mix of your own life comments, your pondering and expository teaching! (The sequence is from last to most important reason. ) Your desire/goal to teach every day is my answer to wanting to be taught/to learn/to think about the familiar in a new truthful way. Thank you, Pastor Robertson. (The head pastor of our church’s 6 campuses is also from Scotland! 😀 )

    1. Thanks Marlene…I’m glad you appreciate them – I love doing them. Where is your church?! Feel free to share these with anyone…

  5. What I found significant was that Rishi had committed the passage to memory. Who knows how that will play out in his heart and mind.

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